Edge Compute

Putting data into action

Run applications at ultra-low latency at the Edge

High-performance apps milliseconds from users, anywhere in the world

Where apps run anywhere

What separates Macrometa from other data storage solutions is that we also bring computing power closer to people (i.e where data is generated). Macrometa’s Edge Compute puts data into action and delivers real-time and event-driven apps and data in to more than 2B humans and 100B devices anywhere on Earth. Our 175+ global PoPs can act as a geo-distributed cache for even faster app performance.

Query Workers and Stream Workers are at the heart of Edge Compute. Query Workers, or “Query as API,” let developers create powerful REST APIs on top of the Global Data Mesh. Stream Workers are how Macrometa does Complex Event Processing functions and Stream Processing workloads.

Why Edge Compute?

Ultra-Low Latency

<50ms P90 round-trip request latency, for both reads and writes from client to cloud.

In-Region Processing

Configurable replication boundaries offer precise control over where data lives.

Replication & Routing

Automatic data replication, request routing, scaling, and load balancing.

Converged Platform

Everything developers need to store, analyze, process, and serve data in one platform.

Application Accelaration

Geo-replicated cache speeds up apps and APIs with a few lines of code.

Fault Tolerance

Active-active architecture adapts and recovers from unforeseen events.

Real-time data streaming

For data-driven organizations, data needs to be fast, actionable, highly available, and secure. Now you can have it all.

Global Data Mesh puts your data in motion, giving you real-time insight into emerging trends, opportunities, or anomalies.

Data + Compute = GDN

If a CDN is for static data, the GDN is for dynamic data. Macrometa Edge Compute is where applications run up to 100x faster than in legacy cloud. Compute unlocks a whole new set of app capabilities and revenue streams.

- Event-driven apps
- Predictive Manufacturing
- Streaming recommendations based on real-time behaviors

Macrometa Edge Compute enables different compute runtimes for different use cases - from JavaScript-based serverless functions to containers.  Run and deploy microservices globally at a fraction of the size, footprint, and complexity of managed containers.

Apps without limits

From mobile apps, to online, to manufacturing warehouse, to a humble robot - Macrometa combines compute and data for a seamless experience that allows enterprises to make use of the data produced by their user base faster.

Macrometa Data Protection ensures that all application and user data stays secure, compliant, and close to users who need it for maximum efficiency and performance. Regardless of device or privacy requirements, data stays where it belongs and where it's needed.