Always Free Developer Account

Includes: Access to the entire stateful serverless platform, including global data replication.
10,000 operations/Day & 200MB Storage/Day.

Query Workers

Turn any query into a lambda function and deploy it globally to serve APIs.

KV Store

Cache, store, and perform single key lookups and key/value pair insertions and updates. Can be deployed as a side cache or standalone tables.

Document Database

Cache, store, query, and update JSON format documents with sophisticated query and nesting types.

DynamoDB Mode

Use our AWS DynamoDB compatible API to augment or replace DynamoDB for improved performance, stronger consistency, & lower spend.

Metered Pricing

Everything available in the developer platform with unlimited usage.
Only pay for what you use. No hidden fees.

Database Operations

Priced per million database operations.


/1M Ops


Price per GB per hour. Billed by the millisecond.  




Price per hour. Billed by the millisecond.
Only charged for runtime.




Priced per GB per month.



Network Transfer

Egress transfer to an IP Address outside of the fabric's network.



Custom Tailored Solutions


Enterprise Pricing

Includes everything in metered plus access to Graphs, Search, Pub/Sub, Event Stream Processing, and Container products. As well as dedicated Fabrics, Multi-Cloud/Data Center deployments, 24/7/365 Support, real-time logs, and credit backed SLAs. Please fill out this form and we will reach out to set up some time to talk shop. Learn More