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About Macrometa

EST. 2017

Purveyors of Fine Edge Computing & Data Fabrics


Event driven model

Our imagination is fueled by a vision of enabling developers to build apps and APIs without any limitations of time, space and cloud architectures.  A world where  ideas can be expressed instantly on a smart and reliable edge cloud platform that does all the heavy lifting of delivering their apps and data across cloud and edge anywhere in the world.


Make Every Developer a Hero

Our mission is to make every developer a hero by making globally distributed application development and deployment simple and instant. This for us means taking responsibility for the entire experience of building and running cloud and edge apps. To do this we must provide the most powerful globally distributed stateful edge runtime, deep capillated networks and a developer  experience second to none.


Honest, Humble, Heart

Macrometa's culture is built on mutual respect and honest interactions. We value humble people who are curious to learn from and help each other. We  prioritize our people first, customers second and everything else third.

Talent Wins Games, Teamwork & Intelligence Win Championships

-Michael Jordan
Chetan Venkatesh
President, CEO & Co-Founder
Durga Gokina
Chief Architect, VP R&D & Co-Founder
Justin Elof Johnson
Director Developer Platform and Relations
Go Urano
Director of Finance
Boris Gueorguiev
Director of Engineering
David Cumberworth
SVP of Sales
Q Motiwala
Board Member, Managing Director DNX
Chris Cooper
Board Member, General Partner Pelion
Yashwanth Hemaraj
Board Member, Partner BGV
Jon Gelsey
Independent Board Member, CEO Auth0, CEO
Eva Nahari
Board Observer, DNX
Zain Rizavi
Board Observer, Pelion
Rob Fry
Independent Advisor, CTO Armorblox

It always seems impossible, until it's done.
-Nelson Mandela