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Deliver secure, intelligent, and instant digital interactions for billions of people in a snap

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Macrometa brings you the world’s most advanced hyper distributed edge cloud platform, built for predictable millisecond latency, planet-wide reach, and elastic scale. Solve the most challenging operational problems with our ready-to-go industry solutions. Build real-time, low-latency enterprise apps, APIs, and web services in minutes, not months.


OTT Video Streaming

Increase monetization and engagement on the most valuable content. Leverage Macrometa’s planetary scale data processing and API serving for ad tech to create actionable audience insights in milliseconds.

Why Macrometa?

Ultra-Low Latency

<50ms P90 round-trip request latency, for both reads and writes.


Built-in Regionalization

Flexible replication boundaries offer precise control over where data lives.


Zero-Config Networking

Automatic data replication, request routing, scaling, and load balancing.


Converged Platform

Everything you need to build geo-distributed, real-time apps and APIs.


Edge Caching

Geo-replicated cache speeds up apps and APIs with a few lines of code.


Fault Tolerance

Active-active architecture adapts and recovers from unforeseen events.


Blazing Fast, Everywhere on the Planet

Macrometa lets you store, serve, and process your data within 50ms of 80% of the global population.


Up to 100x Faster at 1/10th the Cost

Built from the ground up to be dramatically faster and more efficient than conventional cloud providers, allowing us to pass those savings directly to our customers.

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Built for developers, by developers

Macrometa integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows, giving you fast, scalable, and reliable access to your data from a wide range of popular frameworks.


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