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We partner with Akamai to enable a new era of digital transformation for enterprises with ultra-low latency application and API solutions served, processed, and stored close to customers around the world.

Akamai was named a Leader for Commercial CDN by IDC MarketScape. The Akamai CDN meets the Macrometa Global Data Network (GDN), resulting in high performing, scalable enterprise solutions with the ability to dynamically create and deliver content anywhere.

Akamai EdgeWorkers is seamlessly integrated with Macrometa’s Query Workers and Stream Workers to expand the edge and meet our customers' global requirements.

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Macrometa Query Workers, in combination with Cloudflare Workers, provides a highly performant, geo-distributed data and compute infrastructure for scaling full stack, serverless, stateful apps and APIs.

Imagine a SaaS web app, e-Commerce, gaming, or cybersecurity application that runs distributed in 100s of global regions with a faster time to market - that’s the power of Macrometa and Cloudflare together.

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Cox Edge

By leveraging the Macrometa platform Cox Edge provides their customers the simplicity, flexibility, and speed to support large amounts of data at scale and in the hundreds of milliseconds of latency.

With Macrometa, Cox Edge customers can leverage a multi-model database, Query Workers, and Stream Workers that lets them easily ingest, analyze, correlate, and store different types of data.

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Cloud Partners


Macrometa has built a network on top of different service providers that include cloud providers, telecom providers, and CDNs.

Through the partnership with Linode, Macrometa can accelerate delivering apps and API solutions to their enterprise customers and Linode provides the regional infrastructure for Macrometa.

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Amazon Web Services

Macrometa leverages edge partners and cloud providers like AWS so enterprises can easily connect with their customers, partners, suppliers, and staff anywhere in the world. Macrometa’s polycloud approach offers more resiliency and targeted performance - without the typical region limitations found with cloud providers.

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Google Cloud Platform

With Macrometa, enterprises can serve, process, and store data close to their customers with over 175 PoPs globally. Macrometa takes a polycloud approach and leverages multiple edge partners and cloud providers like Google Cloud to deliver better performance and resiliency.

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Developer Partners


DevCycle partnered with Macrometa to launch the world's first and fastest Feature-Flag-as-a-Service (all from the Edge).

Macrometa enables them to deliver a low latency solution to read/write user data into a geographically-replicated data store and a publicly accessible endpoint to save user data. Data can be quickly saved and accessed with fast APIs to make near-instantaneous flagging decisions.

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Macrometa is a part of the Fastly Compute@Edge partner ecosystem. Developers can build on Compute@Edge and take advantage of Macrometa’s low-latency Global Data Network.

To see this integration in action, we’ve developed two sample applications built on Fastly’s Compute@Edge: A video streaming platform affectionately called Edgely + and a dashboard to track Fastly’s Real-time Log Analytics using the Macrometa GDN.

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Macrometa is working with Tangle to bring their industry leading low code/no code stream building capabilities to the Macrometa Global Data Network.

Tangle has seen their current customers save up to 90% in implementation time by starting with their platform. The visual designer and workflow builder speeds up development for custom business logic.

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