Data Protection

Have more control of your enterprise data

Hyper-locality for compliance and performance

Data governance and protection in-region and around the world

In-Region or Worldwide

Macrometa for Enterprise offers solutions to tackle emerging regulatory requirements and privacy laws, such as geographic isolation and access controls. Geo-pinning data to specific regions keeps application data secure and compliant.

Our Global Data Mesh, Edge Compute, and Data Protection products work together as a set of fully integrated services that manage the entire data lifecycle. Enterprises have more control of where data is stored/accessed, and the costs associated with reads/writes of that data.

- Region-based data vaults
- Data tokenization
- Client-managed encryption
- Dual-key change management

Why Data Protection?

In-Region Processing

Configurable replication boundaries offer precise control over where data lives.

Virtual Private Cloud

Bring the Global Data Network to your own cloud.

Compliance Simplified

Bind data to specific countries and clouds to store, process, and query data.

Real-time data streaming

For data-driven organizations, data needs to be fast, actionable, highly available, and secure. Now you can have it all.

Global Data Mesh puts your data in motion, giving you real-time insight into emerging trends, opportunities, or anomalies.

Fabrics for everyone

GeoFabrics give users the ability to use a subset regions, all based on their own criteria and not pre-generated (such as US, Europe, or Asia, for example). GeoFabrics helps GDN users not only comply with local data regulations (such as GDPR) but reduce read/write costs associated with global replication.

GeoFabrics offers more options for where data should be stored/accessed, and this flexibility is offered via a simpler on/off switch.