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Financial Services

Instant Fraud Detection & Digital Transformation

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Customers are looking to their banks and investment companies to find the best options - from the lowest interest rate to the highest return of investment. Financial services need full 360 access to data to deliver relevant content at the right time and even predict what customers need.

Full mobile capabilities bring financial services everywhere - but that also brings risk. Threat actors are trying to beat the algorithm detection, find the weakest applications, and prey on the most vulnerable customers.

Macrometa can enhance your security measures and deliver real-time risk management and out-of-the-box regulatory compliance. Low latency digital banking and instant fraud detection offers convenience and security that modern customers expect from their financial institutions.



Enhance Customer Experiences

The real goldmine may be outside the bank vault - it is all data that exists that remains untapped or analyzed. APIs can provide a full 360 view into your customer across data locations, so you can analyze behavior patterns to generate real-time next best offers. Provide a personalized omnichannel experience so every customer thinks they are receiving white glove service, while reducing redundancies and overall costs.


Make Mobile Banking & Investments Secure & Easy

Universal peer to peer messaging lets you exchange financial information to make mobile payments - without sharing it with bad actors. Go beyond the branch and provide a full omnichannel experience with check processing, instant loan approvals, and credit card offers at the edge.


Prevent fraud at the source

Mobile applications can leave financial information at greater risk as hackers look for the fastest security breaches. Catch them in the act or even before they have done any damage with real-time per event fraud detection. Low latency, real-time analytics at the edge gives you those key milliseconds to thwart transactions and prevent new ones from occurring to minimize losses and future risk.


360 Customer Data

Aggregate data with real-time analytics and reporting to make the most of your customer data. Be alert to customer service demands, trending threats and what products match your key personas. Learn what areas of your operations show risk and what areas perform well or may need improvement.


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