Global Data Mesh

Flexible, real-time data layer for the edge

Store and serve any kind of data, anywhere in the world

Data storage technologies you know, reimagined for the edge.

The data layer for the edge

Global Data Mesh is built on a globally distributed active-active architecture that offers ultra-low latency reads and writes from anywhere on the planet.

Data is automatically replicated across the Global Data Network, and API requests are routed to the nearest available location. Changes at any location propagate across the network instantly, bringing all nodes to parity within milliseconds.

The result is a geo-distributed, real-time data layer available within 50ms of 80% of the global population.

Why Global Data Mesh?

Ultra-Low Latency

<50ms P90 round-trip request latency, for both reads and writes.

Built-in Regionalization

Flexible replication boundaries offer precise control over where data lives.

Zero-Config Networking

Automatic data replication, request routing, scaling, and load balancing.

Converged Platform

Everything you need to build geo-distributed, real-time apps and APIs.

Edge Caching

Geo-replicated cache speeds up apps and APIs with a few lines of code.

Fault Tolerance

Active-active architecture adapts and recovers from unforeseen events.

Real-time data streaming

For data-driven organizations, data needs to be fast, actionable, highly available, and secure. Now you can have it all.

Global Data Mesh puts your data in motion, giving you real-time insight into emerging trends, opportunities, or anomalies.

Supercharged graph data

Global Data Mesh powers graph use cases as diverse and complex as recommendation engines, fraud detection, knowledge graphs, drug discovery, and network security.

Write data directly via API, or with our streaming graph engine, which can process billions of relationships from millions of events, across tens of thousands of streams – in real-time.

Graph vertices and edges are also document collections with full streaming capabilities like pub/sub and message queues.

Dynamic search indexing

Perform real-time search across multiple data stores, with rich query operations like range, proximity, geo-spatial, similarity ranking, and more.

Search indexes are automatically refreshed and replicated across the network, giving you unmatched performance in every locale.