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Global Data Mesh

Flexible, real-time data layer for the edge

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Store and serve any kind of data, anywhere in the world

Data storage technologies you know, delivering better business outcomes at the edge.


Document Collections

Efficient storage and retrieval of NoSQL unstructured data with flexible indexing and modeling capabilities, suitable for content management systems and knowledge bases.

The data layer for the edge

Global Data Mesh is built on a globally distributed active-active architecture, providing robust capabilities such as ultra-low latency reads and writes from any location worldwide.

Data is automatically replicated across the Global Data Network, ensuring high availability and reliability. API requests are intelligently routed to the nearest accessible location, optimizing response times and delivering superior user experiences. Real-time changes made at any location instantly propagate across the network, achieving synchronization within milliseconds.

The result is a dynamic geo-distributed data layer, accessible in real-time and within 10ms proximity of 80% of the global population. This empowers businesses with a responsive, globally accessible data infrastructure that can easily scale as their needs change.

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Why Global Data Mesh?

Ultra-Low Latency

Achieve exceptional performance with less than 50ms P90 round-trip request latency for responsive enterprise apps.


Built-in Regionalization

Flexible replication boundaries offer precise control over where data lives to ensure data sovereignty.


Zero-Config Networking

Automate data replication, request routing, scaling, and load balancing for a seamless customer experience.


Converged Platform

Accelerate time-to-market with geo-distributed, real-time industry applications and APIs.


Edge Caching

Speed application and API performance with a globally distributed, geo-replicated cache.


Fault Tolerance

Built-in active-active architecture that adapts and recovers from unforeseen events, ensuring business continuity.


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  • Seamlessly scale to serve billions of users in real-time
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