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Gaming & eSports

Real-time insights at a million FPS

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The future of gaming is in the cloud - with AR/VR and streaming games providing the ultimate gaming experience at scale. However, to deliver the same rich experience as console-based play, gaming and esports companies will need the edge. Because, nothing kills the vibe as quickly as a game that lags, jitters, and buffers - as cloud-hosted multi-player games tend to do.

Gamers play for longer when they enjoy a rich quality of play and are able to use real-time dashboards to dynamically adjust critical elements of the gameplay. Anything less engaging and it's game over.

Real-time data and analytics powered by ultra-low latency edge data and computing gives game studios the ability to supercharge engagement and keep the players hooked while also creating more monetization opportunities.



LiveOps for Instant Analysis

Capture millions of in-game data points per minute from new levels and hidden worlds to exclusive content, and in-app purchases. Real-time analytics pulse-check what players love and buy so you can build addictive features, and unveil enticing new content on the fly.


Monetization and Engagement

Gaming companies need the ultra low latency advantage for subscriptions, in-app purchases, in-game advertising, micro-transactions, content downloads, and featured extras to add up to revenue on a massive scale.


Unparalleled Matchmaking

Reduce wait time for multi-player games with real-time events to make matchmaking faster and more accurate. Game lobby APIs let you level the playing field with player matching or grouping based on latency, location, and skill. Add polls and interactive experiences like contests and offer purchase upgrades to keep players busy before the game begins.


Ensure Fair Play

Use bullying and verbal abuse detection on chat and voice streams with complex event processing. Monitor game activity with real-time analytics to recognize any anomalies and remove threats or cheaters before they disrupt gameplay.

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Increase Revenue And Retention With Real-Time Game Data

Increase Revenue And Retention With Real-Time Game Data