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OTT Video Streaming

Deliver hyper-targeted ad matching and relevant content experiences

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In the era of short form entertainment, viewers will only wait milliseconds for content, ads, and search results. Real-time analytics and search at the edge can help you quickly deliver more targeted ads and “spot on” recommendations to increase revenue potential and streaming minutes. Match ads at scale - easily supporting millions to several hundred million concurrent viewers for major events like a show premiere or sporting event.



Improve Search and Content Results

Increase viewership with more relevant search results and recommendations. No matter how or what they are searching for - relational, real-time search provides multiple ways for viewers to find the best content match. Remove the challenges of administering and maintaining search across your backend sources by searching data in place and let us handle the administration.


Enhance Viewer Experiences

Provide a dynamic front-end experience to keep your viewers engaged. Real-time analytics can combine viewers past history, current trends, and other behavior analysis variables for catalog customization. Give viewers interactive experiences with a Watch Party across different locations in a synchronized stream with chat.


3x More Ad Revenue

Integrate centralized systems with operational data at the edge for better insights and interactions. Real-time analytics provide more granular ways to look at demographics and further target your audience. Add new audience segments across the world and apply digital rights and entitlement rules to help ensure regional compliance.


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