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The Future of Apps & APIs

We are a noSQL database, Pub/Sub, Event Processing, and computing platform for building geo-distributed applications. Developers use Macrometa to build highly performant stateful apps and APIs, all via our Serverless Platform.

Bring your existing applications closer to your customers.

Macrometa enables you to surgically extend your existing infrastructure to bring  your application closer to end users. Allowing you to improve performance, user experience, & comply with global data governance laws.

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No Glue Code -> Serverless everything

Macrometa is a serverless, streaming NoSQL database, with integrated pub/sub and stream data processing and compute engine. Create stateful data infrastructure, stateful functions & containers for long running workloads, and process data streams in real time. You write the code, we do all the ops.

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Converged Platform -> Seamless Dev Experience

Building globally distributed apps on a traditional cloud means having to deploy, standup, & manage over a dozen tools like K8s, Kafka, Spark, CockroachDB etc. With Macrometa everything you need to build real-time event driven apps is seamlessly integrated into a simple yet powerful developer experience.

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