The Edge Platform for Enterprise Developers

Store, process, and serve data within milliseconds of everyone on the planet.

Build real-time apps and APIs in minutes – not months

Macrometa is a Global Data Network offering a Global Data Mesh, Edge Compute, and Data Protection. Build and run applications all over the world with a single copy of data.

Think Locally, Deploy Globally

Macrometa is globally-distributed with over 175 PoPs around the world.

4 Databases in One

Multi-model data layer for key-value, document, graph, and streaming data.

Complete Stream Processing

Complex Event Processing engine with pub/sub, message queues, and more.

Ultra-Low Latency

<50ms P90 round-trip request latency, for both reads and writes.

Real-Time Search on Data

Flexible full-text search and similarity ranking across multiple data stores.

Global Data and API Caching

Make your apps up to 100x faster with geo-replicated edge caching.

Zero-config required

Fast, global apps and services with just an API and a few lines of code. Forget about infrastructure and focus on shipping products and features in a fraction of the time.

You write the code, we’ll make it fast.

Blazing Fast, Everywhere on the Planet

Macrometa lets you store, serve, and process your data within 50ms of 80% of the global population.

Up to 100x Faster at 1/10th the Cost

Built from the ground up to be dramatically faster and more efficient than conventional cloud providers, allowing us to pass those savings directly to our customers.

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Data Governance Made Easier

We allow you to improve performance, user experience, and comply with global data governance laws. Physically pin data to specific regions and tokenize it for access externally.

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Trusted by Enterprise

For ultimate scalability, growth, and efficiency, these enterprises choose Macrometa. Create the ultimate customer experience with stateful data and real-time analytics – at a fraction of the cost.

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Macrometa has obtained a SOC 2 Type 2 certification for the Trust Criteria of Security and Availability.

The SOC 2 report is available under NDA for Macrometa customers by request at [email protected]

“Macrometa has some hardcore computer science behind it.”
James Governor
“After trying many different services I landed on Macrometa. The low latency won me over, and the ease of use, fair pricing, and friendly staff made me stay. Super easy to get started and I haven't worried about it since. It just works.”
Dominik Ferber
"Macrometa makes navigating our website feel instantaneous from anywhere in the world, even when there are highly complex queries being run in order to serve and process the financial data in real-time."
Kris Gunnars
Founder & CEO
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