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5G Telecom & Wireless IoT

Making Internet of Things Smarter and Faster

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With 5G, geographically dispersed users, and fierce competition telecommunication providers need to constantly evolve or lose their customers to more agile and innovative competitors. That's why some of the largest telcos are partnering with Macrometa to offer speedy, contextualized and hyper-personalized experiences for their customers on any mobile device.

Macrometa brings powerful data APIs and processing for IoT such as sensor data analytics, real-time asset insight, and digital twin models to make the Internet of Things smarter and faster to use.



Network Optimization

Improve the quality of the network itself for the end user by reducing network jitter and latency, giving customers a better experience. Allow customers to consume broadband for media streaming, gaming, and all types of latency-sensitive applications.


Real-time Anomaly & Fraud Detection

Identify patterns and enable faster decision-making. Analyze transactions in real-time for fraud and anomaly detection, and offer native security for all your wireless devices, phones, and "things."


Predictive Analytics

Powerful data APIs and processing provides new digital experiences with low latency and high data flow rates. Digital twin models, sensor data analytics, and real-time monitoring of devices over the network helps 5G operators identify trends and opportunities.


Global Data Network
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