Globally Distributed
noSQL Database

Access to data in real-time at the lowest possible latency is both challenging and mission-critical.
Macrometa solves these challenges.

Key Value Store

Store, query, modify data as key/value pairs, JSON documents, graphs and streams on our multi master architecture with consistency guarantees and low latency.

Document Database

Cache, store, query and update JSON format documents with sophisticated query and nesting types.


Perform graph queries to discover semantic relationships by extending documents with edges and vertices (directionality and distance).

Dynamo Mode

Use our AWS DynamoDB compatible API to augment or replace DynamoDB for improved performance and stronger consistency.


Filter and match documents located in different collections backed by fast indexes. Sort the results based on semantic data and pre-built operations.

Query Workers

Turn any query into a lambda function and deploy it globally to serve APIs.

P99 Round Trip Latency of < 50 ms

Macrometa GDN can serve queries, reads and writes to your side apps with less than 50 milliseconds of total round trip time from the client to our edge database and back.

Stay Compliant with Data Regulations

Macrometa gives you great control in defining exactly what data & events should be cached, stored and processed in which region across 175 different global locations.

Tunable Consistency

Use the GDN's key/value or JSON document interface as a side cache (like redis or memcached) to access and modify frequently used objects at the edge of the network instead of performing lengthy and slow roundtrips into the cloud.

Side Cache or Primary Database

Replicate & synchronize data across global cache regions and your primary data bases with high consistency and low latency, or build a geo-distributed stateful database via a serverless API.

The Macrometa PaaS Fabric

Get started in minutes without the heavy lift.

Macrometa is easy to get started with, integrates with your environment seamlessly and gives you effortless, scalable and reliable access to your data from a variety of popular frameworks.

Macrometa Drivers

Respond to events in the real world as they happen from within region

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Quickstart Guide

Respond to events in the real world as they happen from within region

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API Reference

Respond to events in the real world as they happen from within region

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