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Macrometa partners with Cloudflare to extend the Edge

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At Macrometa, we believe that the world deserves a better cloud - free from the constraints of geography, latency, and developer complexity. An edge cloud that is instant, everywhere, and simple to build and run apps in a way that that cloud was never meant to or ever can.

To this end, We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Cloudflare today.


Cloudflare is a bold and visionary company that has paved the path to making the edge a mainstream platform by empowering developers to easily and quickly build scalable, secure apps that run across a worldwide footprint of servers and data centers. Macrometa and Cloudflare share a common and powerful belief that the future of apps and web services is distributed, stateful, and global. By joining forces, we make building low latency, stateful data-driven apps at the edge a reality for developers everywhere.

Macrometa and Cloudflare enable building apps that typically require massive investments with high technical risk and complexity to be built intuitively and quickly. Imagine building a SaaS web app, e-Commerce, gaming, or cybersecurity application that runs distributed in 100s of global regions in hours - that’s the power of Macrometa and Cloudflare together.

Compose your applications’ business logic and front-end code as Cloudflare Workers and use our SDKs and REST APIs to connect, store, query, mutate, search, stream and process data on Macrometa's Global Data Network (GDN) instantly anywhere in the world. Build and run your app’s backend across “region earth” instead of a single region like “US West 1” or “US East 3” - all in a way that enables developers to build full-stack geo-distributed applications completely serverless.

Building stateful applications, APIs, and web services that outperform the cloud by 50X -100X has never been this easy, and we can't wait to see what you build.

Read more about the partnership here:

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