Announcing PhotonIQ: The New AI CDN For Accelerating Apps, APIs, Websites and Services
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Announcing PhotonIQ By Macrometa - Our New AI CDN For Accelerating Cloud Apps, APIs, Websites And Web Services

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Today, we're excited to announce a major milestone for Macrometa: the launch of PhotonIQ, our new suite of SaaS services designed to radically improve modern website and application experiences, as well as API hosting, caching, and delivery from the edge.

Let's backtrack for a moment to understand the significance of this launch. Since its conception in 2017 and rollout in 2020, our Global Data Network (GDN) has been a cornerstone for some of the world's largest websites, applications, and APIs. From powering top eCommerce platforms to serving real-time data processing applications in telecom, video streaming, and gaming, the GDN has set new standards in performance and scalability.

Powering billions of online sales revenue for eCommerce and more

The GDN is used today by one of the world’s top eCommerce platforms for critical services that power online sales for more than 10,000 of the world's leading brands - including 500+ orgs that have >$1B in online sales every year. This is in addition to the use of the GDN to power a variety of real-time web services at leading telecom, media and entertainment, video and OTT providers.

Now, what's the next step? Enter PhotonIQ.

PhotonIQ aims to address some of the most common yet challenging issues that plague the current cloud-based landscape for websites, SaaS applications, and APIs. Specifically, we're targeting three key pain points:

1. Dynamic Site Performance: PhotonIQ utilizes AI to enhance key performance indicators, thereby reducing the need for manual performance optimization.

2. API Hosting and Delivery from the Edge: Our solution moves the operational focus from the cloud to the edge, reducing latency and improving speed for APIs.

3. Site Protection Services: PhotonIQ is equipped to handle traffic spikes, ensuring uninterrupted service and enhanced user experience.

Within the PhotonIQ family, we're introducing several new services:

  • PhotonIQ Performance Proxy (P3): This inline caching proxy improves website performance - HTML, CSS, and JS delivery - by up to 300%, without sacrificing quality.
  • PhotonIQ Edge Side Tagging (EST): Aimed at optimizing JavaScript performance, EST replaces all JavaScript tags on a website with a simplified code, running them at the edge for faster execution.
  • PhotonIQ Virtual Waiting Rooms: This feature manages large, unexpected traffic surges, queuing incoming visitor requests to ensure optimal performance even under heavy loads.
  • PhotonIQ Prerendering: This service hydrates web pages at the edge, delivering them to both users and search engine crawlers with ultra-low latency, thus improving SEO.
  • PhotonIQ Fingerprint: This privacy-focused service allows for a more personalized yet non-intrusive user experience by identifying visitors across various platforms without requiring sign-ins.

The journey has just begun, learn more today

This launch is just the beginning. We have more features and services in the pipeline, designed to continue to meet and exceed the changing demands of modern web infrastructures.

PhotonIQ is now available through our website and our partner Akamai. To learn more, schedule a demo or discuss how PhotonIQ can address your specific challenges, please connect with us.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

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