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Macrometa At Current 2022 Kafka Summit Organized By Confluent

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We’re proud sponsors of the Current 2022 - the next generation Kafka Summit organized by Confluent happening in beautiful Austin, Texas October 4-5.

Why are we attending it and you should as well?

There is no better place to learn about data streaming than Current 2022, an event where real-time technology leaders and developers will share best practices, use cases, and explore the vision and future of the technology.

Nothing more exciting than being able to be a part of this! Here’s what we’re looking forward to:

  • Two days of power-packed keynote sessions highlighting real-time data technology and tons of opportunities to network and collaborate.
  • Educate what Macrometa’s GDN platform has to offer to build apps in real-time
  • Network with real-time streaming data technologists and researchers

See you all at the Booth S19

Come say howdy at the Macrometa booth, see it in action, grab a t-shirt, and learn more about this real-time streaming data stuff the kids love.

About Macrometa

Macrometa’s Global Data Network is a Platform as a Service for building and running applications at the edge. Run regionally, globally, or both - the GDN automatically synchronizes data between locations in milliseconds. Build greenfield applications or extend existing applications to improve performance and comply with data locality requirements. We provide data and compute infrastructure from more than 175 locations globally, reaching two billion users and ten billion devices in 50ms.

With Macrometa you can:

  • Speed up existing applications
  • Create the next generation of high-performance applications
  • Build APIs on top of your data to create new revenue streams in the API economy
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