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Calling All Developers To The Edge - Announcing Developer Week

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Come, get edgy with Macrometa and friends at Developer Week November 7th-11th for a fun-packed, informative adventure and score some octopus prizes. Get an exclusive first-look at new features, demos, cutting-edge topics, real-life use cases, and a sneak peek into our 2023 roadmap. If you are a developer or architect this is an event you don’t want to miss! Whether you are already “living on the edge,” curious about the edge, or just want the freedom to quickly create and run world-class apps close to your customers, you’ll take away valuable new ideas and insights. 

  • Join sessions that interest you online or async from your couch or desk. You can even build a streaming app in 10 minutes or less!
  • See what other developers are building on the Macrometa Global Data Network (GDN).
  • Learn more about why building and running apps on the edge - close to your customers, partners, suppliers, and staff - can accelerate developer velocity and ensure operational simplicity.

Here are the highlights for each day so you can block your calendar.

Welcome to Developer Week- Monday, Nov. 7

The future is edge native. We will kick off Developer Week talking about the key benefits of application development on the Edge.

  • 9 am PST - Discover how the Edge enables developers to build world-changing apps with Macrometa CEO, Chetan Venkatesh.
  • 12 pm PST - Curious about how Macrometa was built? Macrometa CTO and Chief Architect, Durga Gokina, recounts how first principles were a key part of building Macrometa from the ground up.
  • 3 pm PST - Watch a brief keynote video from Chetan on edge native technology and Macrometa. You won’t want to miss these insights about the Edge!

What’s new with Macrometa - Tuesday, Nov. 8

Be the first to preview details about the latest release that includes all the key ingredients you need to accelerate and simplify application development.

  • 9 am PST - See improvements to the query feature, new SQL support, the Complex Event Processing tool and updates to Search.
  • 12 pm PST - Dustin Larimer, Macrometa Head of Design, showcases the Macrometa UI and shares the process of designing a developer-friendly platform.
  • 3 pm PST - Get more details about SQL (relational and non-relational) support in a demo or blog.

Macrometa and Akamai partnership - Wednesday, Nov. 9

The CDN meets the GDN! Macrometa and Akamai have teamed together to provide an enterprise-ready edge with powerful tools for large-scale apps and APIs.

  • 9 am PST - See how Macrometa and Akamai team together to accelerate app development on the Edge.
  • 12 pm PST - Listen to a fireside chat as experts from Macrometa and Akamai will discuss how data is changing how developers build and what an edge native world means for 2023 and beyond.
  • 3 pm PST - It’s time for a “watch party” with a streaming video app created using Akamai EdgeWorkers and Macrometa Stream Workers. Talk about must-see “TV”!

Building on the edge - Thursday, Nov. 10

Who doesn’t love demos and real-life use cases? Dig deeper into all the technical details from our customers and partners.

  • 9 am PST - Find out what other development teams are building on the Macrometa GDN and even why they chose us over other products.
  • 12 pm PST - Watch Justin Johnson, Macrometa Head of Product, and our friends at Taplytics as they chat about app development on the Edge. 
  • 3 pm PST - Learn why AppSecEngineer.com chose the Macrometa GDN over Cloudwatch for their developer training platform.

Sneak peek into the future - Friday, Nov. 11

See the future without a crystal ball, we have a lot of exciting things to share with you!

  • 9 am PST - Join our product team as we preview some 2023 roadmap features.
  • 12 pm PST - Hear directly from DISH Network how they optimize real-time workloads with the 5G Edge.
  • 3 pm PST - Tangle shares their experience of why low code is key to quickly adapting to changes and growing faster.

Don’t wait, sign up today for Developer Week

Sign up and receive cool octopus swag and notifications of all the activities. From there you can join what interests you, when it is convenient for you. 

Please reach out to us at hello@macrometa.com if you have any questions, or schedule a demo with our experts if you want to dive a bit deeper. If you are new to Macrometa, try it out today by requesting a 30 day trial and check out all our helpful documentation to get started. We can’t wait to see you at the Edge! 

Read the press release for more exciting details about Developer Week 2022: Macrometa's Inaugural Developer Week Invites Enterprise Developers To Build Apps And APIs On The Edge.

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