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Announcing Macrometa Latest Release - Global Data Network 17.11

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Macrometa is pleased to announce that a number of exciting new features are now available with the release of the Global Data Network (GDN) 17.11. Stream Workers, our Complex Event Processing engine, and Macrometa Search, which enables developers to easily create full text search indexes, are now Generally Available (GA) for all Macrometa developers. The Macrometa integration with Akamai EdgeWorkers, a powerful compute engine for creating and deploying microservices at the edge, is now available in public preview. Available in public beta are Postgres-compatible SQL, Apache Kafka wire compatibility, and Redis API compatibility.

Generally Available Features

Stream Workers, Macrometa’s Complex Event Processing and streaming analytics engine, is now Generally Available (GA) to all Macrometa developers. With Stream Workers, Macrometa users can build sophisticated Complex Event Processing applications. Stream Workers includes high level primitives for pattern matching, flow control, joining multiple streams and data from operational data stores, and other CEP capabilities. To learn more about Macrometa Stream Workers and to see this in action, check out this blog and demo from the Macrometa Product team.

Macrometa Search makes powerful full text search as easy as writing a SQL query. Macrometa Search supports integrated search indexes on any type of data collection and across multiple collections in the Global Data Mesh. Macrometa search includes not only standard text search features like similarity scoring and a variety of tokenization options but powerful advanced capabilities like graph search and geospatial queries. To learn more about Macrometa Search, be sure to check out our Macrometa Developer Week coverage.

Read more about the Search release.

Public Preview

Macrometa and Akamai are announcing Macrometa Query Workers and Stream Workers integration with Akamai EdgeWorkers. Akamai EdgeWorkers is a powerful compute engine for creating and deploying microservices at the edge. The combination of Akamai’s compute engine with the Macrometa GDN allows our customers to develop microservices with powerful data storage and streaming capabilities, all running milliseconds from your users. To learn more about Macrometa’s Akamai EdgeWorkers integration, check out our Macrometa Developer Week coverage.

Public Beta

Postgres-compatible SQL is now available in public beta and joins our existing Macrometa query language. While the Macrometa language has always been largely SQL-compatible, having Postgres language support will allow our customers to port and in many cases “forklift” existing code bases directly into the Macrometa GDN without needing to rewrite their queries. To learn more about Macrometa SQL support, check out our Macrometa Developer Week coverage.

Learn more about the SQL Support

Apache Kafka is a popular data streaming engine. Macrometa users have been able to read from and write to Kafka topics from our Stream Workers engine and we now support writing directly to Macrometa data stores with beta support for Kafka wire compatibility. Macrometa’s Global Data Mesh makes no distinction between data at rest and streaming data and all data stores are available to connect to as streams using the Macrometa API. Now, customers can connect to collections as if they were Kafka topics without having to learn a new API. Kafka consumers receive a change data capture event stream from the data store that includes both new data streamed to the collection and inserts, updates, and deletes made through data at rest CRUD operations.

Redis is a popular NoSQL database for use cases including caching, session management, real-time analytics, and more. Macrometa now includes beta support for Redis compatible collections in the Global Data Mesh, bringing your data within 50ms of all of your users, no matter where they are. Redis developers can get up to speed with Macrometa’s new Redis collection type very quickly. Porting or extending existing Redis applications to the Macrometa GDN is as easy as swapping out a library.

Wrapping Up

Excited to learn about the entire release? Follow the video below and request a 30 day trial with Macrometa.

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