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Is Low Code The Future of Enterprise Edge?

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If you’ve ever been frustrated at the age-old problem of coding products with unwieldy legacy tools while facing the relentless pressure of not going over time and over budget, we've got something for you.

Tangle is an intuitive open source platform that lets developers build enterprise applications in hours - with reusable components, drag and drop tools, secure architecture, and code extensibility. More importantly, it also provides developers a path to enhance quality further by contributing high quality, bespoke components - if and when needed. So, developers have complete control along with the powerful tools they need to save up to 90% of development time.

At Macrometa, we love everything user-friendly. So, we talked to Tangle about their low code/no code stream building capabilities and how that could apply to Macrometa’s powerful data processing platform.

With our combined expertise, what could developers and other data-obsessed teams do? Real-time collaboration experiences, real time data and management interfaces, analytics - quickly, simply, and without having to reinvent the wheel.

While we’re unveiling some exciting concepts and ideas today, the real deal’s on the way - and it will only be available at Macrometa.

Wayne Byrne, CEO at Tangle sat down with Michael Ridley, Head of Product Marketing at Macrometa to discuss low code at the edge. Take a peek into the future of edge development.

Curious what the combination of Macrometa GDN and Tangle’s low code technologies might look like? Watch the Macrometa+Tangle concept video to see new possibilities open up.

Stay tuned as we explore all the possibilities of the edge in partnership with Tangle.

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