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MONDAY, NOV 7, 2022
Welcome to developer week

Welcome to Developer Week!

So what do we mean by cutting edge? Macrometa CEO Chetan Venkatesh talks why Edge, why now, and how to go from toys to world-changing apps.

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building with first principles

Building with First Principles

Macrometa CTO & Chief Architect Durga Gokina dives into the "meta" of Macrometa. Learn how we use first principles and why you should too.

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Watch the Keynote

Sometimes you don’t want to read words. We get it. Check out the video from Chetan and get up-to-speed on edge native technology.

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TUESDAY, NOV 8, 2022
Macrometa 17.11 release

Macrometa 17.11 is Here

See the latest updates that makes queries a snap. Plus SQL support. And Complex Event Processing. And Search! Come on in.

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17.11 release video

Watch the Release Announcement

Head of Product Marketing Michael Ridley goes over the latest GA, Public Preview, and Beta release for the Macrometa GDN 0.17.11

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stream workers demo

Stream Workers is Now GA

Our Complex Event Processing engine, Stream Workers, is now available to all Macrometa users. See it in action in this crypto arbitrage bot demo.

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macrometa search demo

Macrometa Search in Action

Search makes powerful full text search as easy as writing a SQL query. Head of Product Justin Johnson shows you the details in this demo.

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sql support blog

Better than the SQL

By popular demand, SQL support is here! Relational, non-relational, it’s all the same to us. Read all about it and watch a demo on how it works.

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New UI blog

IOU a New UI

Macrometa Head of Design Dustin Larimer shares a peek into his team’s effort to craft a new visual aesthetic, brand system, and design system.

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Wednesday, NOV 9, 2022 at 9AM ET
Akamai Macrometa Partnership

Expanding the Edge

CDN meets GDN! How the power of the GDN & the speed of Akamai EdgeWorkers lets developers  build and run from Macrometa’s console directly on Akamai.

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fireside chat

A Fireside Chat with Akamai

Chetan talks with Akamai SVP/CTO Andy Champagne about the past, present & future of edge – and how we're driving enterprise adoption of the edge together.

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watch party demo

Demo: Video Streaming Application

We created a streaming video app, Macrometaflix, with a live watch party feature. Join the chat and don't forget the popcorn.

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akamai startup program

Akamai RISE Startup Program

Learn about Akamai & Linode's vision for startups & their exclusive program, RISE. Plus – Build on Macrometa & Akamai with $120K of annual credits.

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akamai edgeworkers

Demo: Using Akamai EdgeWorkers

Check out our Northwinds sample application demo that uses Macrometa Query Workers deployed to Akamai EdgeWorkers.

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macrometa akamai press release

Macrometa + Akamai Partnership

Akamai Technologies has made a strategic investment with Macrometa. To learn more about this multi-year product collaboration read the press release.

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Thursday, NOV 10, 2022
building on the gdn

What Can You Build on the GDN?

See what customers & development teams are building on the GDN today – and why they chose us over other products you may know.

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devcycle macrometa story

DevCycle + Macrometa Story

Learn how we teamed up with DevCycle on Edge Flags & watch a Head(s) of Product double feature with Justin Johnson & DevCycle's Cobi Druxerman.

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appsecengineer blog

Why We Gave CloudWatch the Boot

AppSecEngineer is a training platform that provides labs, cyber-ranges, and security lessons like Cloud & Kubernetes Security. Here’s why they chose the GDN.

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edge flags demo

DevCycle Edge Flags Demo

Watch a demo of Edge Flags, built in partnership with DevCycle and Macrometa, and an intro from DevCycle co-founder Cobi Druxerman.

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arrive gg customer story

Redefining Gaming with Arrive

Taric Mirza, Founder & CEO at Arrive, is a life-long gamer. Learn how Macrometa helps him and League of Legends players conquer lag once and for all.

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appsecengineer video

AppSecEngineer + Macrometa Story

AppSecEngineer Founder & Chief Research Officer Abhay Bhargav talks about how Macrometa has helped his team unlock powerful capabilities.

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Friday, NOV 11, 2022
2023 roadmap

2023 Product Roadmap Sneak Peek

You've seen the present, now peer into the future. Our Product team is giving a preview of some of the exciting things to come in 2023.

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5G edge blog

Building on the 5G Edge with DISH

DISH Wireless is going all-in on edge and giving insight on running real-time workloads on their 5G network. See how we're connecting edge to cloud.

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Tangle and Macrometa blog

Is Low Code in the Future?

Tangle believes that low code is the key for organizations to quickly adapt to change and grow faster. Let's explore the possibilities.

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project parsec

Meet Project Parsec

We have a secret... We've been working on something very cool that will unlock trillion events per limit scale. Learn about our internal initiative: Project Parsec.

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fireside chat

A Fireside Chat with DISH Wireless

DISH VP of Marketplace and Apps Design Brian Mengwasser talks all things edge with Macrometa CEO Chetan Venkatesh. A fast app needs a fast network.

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tangle concept video

Tangle + Macrometa Concept Teaser

If you've got a minute and a half, we've got the perfect concept video for you. See Tangle and Macrometa's first look and more of what's to come.

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