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Inside Macrometa 2022, And A Blazing Start To An Excitingly Futuristic 2023!

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2022 has been an eventful and exciting year for Macrometa. From product launches to new strategic partnerships, SOC 2 compliance, and a virtual Developer Week, we’ve had a lot of achievements to celebrate with our customers.

In this blog post, I’ll outline Macrometa’s 2022 year in review, our many successes, our plans for 2023, and our ambitious vision for the future to help our customers move their business forward.

Macrometa 2022 Year in Review

The year 2022 has been an excellent success for Macrometa and its customers. We developed our ground-breaking edge computing platform, which has enabled us to provide powerful, secure, and reliable data solutions to our customers. Additionally, we released our enterprise-grade data management solutions, which are designed to help businesses better manage their data and quickly gain insights. Here are some highlights:

Macrometa is SOC 2 Compliant

One of the proudest moments for Macrometa from 2022 was achieving the SOC 2 certification.

In a fully-distributed world that processes information milliseconds, we must instill confidence in our data policies and security. This certification is a huge milestone for Macrometa and the culmination of months of hard work and dedication toward the security of our platform.

Learn more about how we're committed to keeping data safe in the SOC 2 announcement from Macrometa CISO Eddie Garcia.

We were at Current 2022

We were a proud sponsor of Current 2022, the next-generation Kafka Summit in Austin, Texas, October 4-5. This was the first-ever data streaming industry event, and we were grateful to have met real-time data experts worldwide.

Akamai + Macrometa

Akamai and Macrometa partner to create an Edge Cloud Super Platform for Enterprise Developers. Akamai cloud computing based on Linode and EdgeWorkers edge computing technology combined with Macrometa's Global Data Network (GDN) will help enterprise developers build, deploy, and run global apps and APIs seamlessly across edge and cloud.

Read more about this partnership here.

DevCycle + Macrometa

DevCycle partnered with Macrometa to launch the the world's first and fastest Feature-Flag-as-a-Service (all from the Edge). Read more about why they chose Macrometa and how they built an ultra-low-latency global feature flags solution using Macrometa.

Hosted a virtual Developer Week and released demo videos

Macrometa hosted a week-long Developer Week from November 7th - November 11th, 2022, where developers could see real-life use cases in action, build a streaming app in minutes, and explore the 2023 roadmap.

This week-long online virtual event focused on enterprise developers interested in building the next generation of globally-distributed, real-time applications and APIs. It features tutorials and guides from partners like Akamai and Dish Networks and customers AppSecEngineer, and DevCycle, to name a few. During Developer Week, Macrometa hosted technical content workshops and demos for real-time apps and APIs for web, mobile, IoT in SaaS, Web Services, developer tools, multiplayer gaming, video streaming, e-commerce, manufacturing, and more.

Watch all the demo videos and developer week content

Community Slack for Developers

We launched a public Slack Community for our users to engage with each other and with product experts at Macrometa. We’re hoping it will become a place where our community helps each other solve problems and share best practices.

Join our Slack Community

New Webinars

Throughout 2022, we’ve been focusing on creating content to help our prospects, developers, and customers learn more about Macrometa and its solutions.

Some of the webinars that we launched in 2022:

Complex Event Processing: What’s After Apache Spark and Apache Flink

In this webinar, we compare Macrometa's CEP and streaming analytics platforms like Spark and Flink to help you determine which solution best matches your use case. Learn about the difference between streaming analytics and CEP and how to get the most value from your data.

The Edge of Retail: Enabling Real-time Inventory Management

View this webinar to learn more about how real-time inventory management can boost profits and improve customer experiences. The experts at Macrometa explain how edge computing brings the power of real-time visibility to retail operations. 

Watch any of these webinars on demand at your convenience and reach out if you have any questions.

Unraveled Macrometa’s New UI And Design Process

Macrometa Head of Design - Dustin Larimer shares a peek into his team’s effort to craft a new visual aesthetic, brand system, and design system. Read more about the new UI here.

Macrometa’s 2023 Vision and Roadmap

At Macrometa, our vision is to be a leader in GDN & edge computing, and data management solutions. Our goal for 2023 is to continue to drive innovation in data management solutions and to provide our customers with access to our powerful and reliable data solutions. We also want to continue expanding our strategic partnerships, exploring new opportunities, and building on our existing partnerships.

We released our product roadmap highlights during Developer Week. Watch this video as our Product team gives a preview of some of the exciting things to come in 2023.

We are confident that 2023 will be an exciting and successful year for Macrometa. We look forward to continuing to provide our customers with the utmost powerful solutions.

Request a 30 day trial to get started. If you're interested in testing new features, reach out to me at

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