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Announcing Macrometa’s $20M Series A round led by Pelion

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“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it." – Halford E Luccock

I met Chris Cooper, Blake Modersitzki, and Zain Rizavi for the first time in July of last year (2020) at the Cafe Lambretta near the Giants stadium in San Francisco. It was during the peak of the pandemic lockdown, and the streets of this great city were empty of the usual excitement and energy that fills it.

But Chris, Blake, and Zain’s energy and enthusiasm more than made up for the unusual stillness of that day. We spent three or more hours together sitting outside the cafe while I listened intently to Chris and Blake share the many life lessons of being an early-stage investor. Lessons of great disappointments from missed opportunities, poor execution, and bad luck, along with lessons of courage, accomplishment, and winning against great adversity and all odds. As I sat there enthralled, it hit me like an eighteen-wheeler truck - Chris, Zain, and the Pelion team embodied everything that I believed were the most important characteristics of a great investor. They were kind, humble, tenacious, and utterly optimistic people who shared my belief that building a great business with amazing people was one of the most sacred, noble, and rewarding endeavors one could attempt.

It turns out I was completely right!

Despite having just raised a $7M series seed round, we decided to work with Pelion, and they invested a small check into Macrometa in the fall of 2020. And with that, we got the opportunity to start collaborating closely with Chris, Zain, and the Pelion team. They taught me many things in a very short amount of time - like how to race cars and make them drift and how to think big, not just with my head but with my heart. 
Today, we are incredibly proud and excited to share that Macrometa has just raised a $20M Series A round led by Chris, Zain, and the Pelion team with full support and participation from our amazing investors DNX, BGV, Fusion Fund, Shasta, Partech and Sway. This brings our total raised to ~$30M, with $28.5M of that raised during the pandemic in just under 12 months. This Series A funding comes on the back of skyrocketing interest and adoption of our serverless edge data platform by enterprise customers, triple-digit ARR growth, and game-changing partnerships.

Macrometa’s mission is to make every developer a hero by making it trivial to build stateful, real-time, low latency, globally distributed, edge, and multi-cloud apps that run simultaneously across 100s of edge or cloud regions. To do this, we are investing the proceeds from this round into engineering the most powerful, globally-distributed, stateful serverless edge platform, on a deeply capillated edge computing network connecting 175 global POPs, all wrapped together in a developer experience second to none.

This is a big and bold mission. It's not for the faint of heart, and it's the stuff that takes courage, tenacity, and audacious levels of leadership, optimism, and hope. If our mission makes your heartbeat a little faster with excitement, or if it speaks directly to your aspirations, then drop us a note, and let's get to know each other. We have incredibly smart, humble, and fun people like my co-founder and CTO Durga Gokina, sales leader extraordinaire Dave Cumberworth, Developer Platform and Developer Relations leader Justin Johnson, Content lead marketing director Chrissie Buchanan, finance and people operations whizz Go Urano, and many more to share this incredible adventure with (Oh and we have pets - lots and lots of 4 legged pets of all kinds). This mission to build the 4th cloud titan needs courageous, kind and brilliant people like you to join us. So come - Let's build Macrometa together. 

With high fives, fist bumps, and smiles

Chetan Venkatesh,

on behalf of team Macrometa.

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