Announcing PhotonIQ: The New AI CDN For Accelerating Apps, APIs, Websites and Services

Macrometa + Cloudfare.

Better together.

A combination of Macrometa Query Workers and Cloudflare Workers provides a highly performant geo-distributed data and compute solution for scaling serverless, stateful apps and APIs.

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Real-time, globally distributed apps and APIs for your industry.

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Macrometa Accelerates Applications and APIs

Key Benefits of the Macrometa Global Data Network

Multi-Model Database

Leverage Key-Value Store, Document Store, Graph Database, Real Time Stream Processor and more for easy data integration and synchronization..

Global Data Consistency

Replicate & synchronize data across global cache regions and your primary data bases with high consistency and low latency.

Stay Compliant with Data Regulations

Macrometa gives you control to define exactly what data & events should be cached, stored, & processed in which region across 150 global locations.

Experience the Power of Macrometa

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  • Maximize the value of your existing application investments
  • Designed for complex and distributed use cases
  • Achieve up to 100x faster performance than AWS or GCP
  • Seamlessly scale to serve billions of users in real-time


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