Message Queues

A simple yet high performance, managed queue service for developers to connect and store messages between functions, edge workers, microservices and distributed serverless apps

Macrometa’s fully managed message queuing enables developers to build scalable serverless apps and distributed systems by decoupling components and allowing them to message each other via pub/sub and queues. Macrometa  eliminates the overhead of cost, complexity and the boredom of working with conventional messaging oriented middleware services.

Using Macrometa, developers can send, store, and receive messages between services and  system components at any volume, all without ever losing messages or with external dependencies. Macrometa offers a choice of message queue types - (1) Standard queues for maximum throughput, best-effort ordering, and at-least-once delivery or (2) FIFO queues that guarantee that messages are processed exactly once, in the exact order that they are sent.

Guaranteed message - With high throughput and at least once delivery or at least once semantics with strict ordering

Auto scaling - Scale from zero to millions of stored messages in milliseconds

Geo regulatory compliance - Keep sensitive data in queues pinned to specific regions or countries

Secure - Use server side encryption

Serverless - Get started in minutes without the headaches of config and management

Responsive - Integrates with triggers and webhooks


Reliable and fault tolerant

  • Never lose messages as all queues are continuously replicated to provide seamless high availability
  • Decouple message buffering for high velocity and seasonal workloads

100% fully managed and serverless

  • You don't manage any pub/sub infrastructure or operations - we do
  • Automatically scale with elasticity whether within a specific region to handle a local hotspot of demand or across multiple regions
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Applications & Solutions

High throughput event and message buffering

For high throughput, to maximize the rate at which data moves. Making the data rate as fast as possible.

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Application integration

Connect disparate software applications in order to combine data, share workflows, and communicate in real-time.

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IoT data ingest

Collect events from many sources (applications, IoT devices, web and server logs, and even data file uploads) and aggregate them for further processing or storage.

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SaaS and Mobile and app  integrations

Build a backend that performs at peek speed and can be the source of truth across many client interfaces.

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Featured Solution

A to do list using Macrometa and cloudflare workers

Build low latency eCommerce experiences such as product catalogs, search, and recommendations with Macrometa Dynamo Mode (link to CF eCommerce solutions page)

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Use Cases

Ecommerce & retail

SaaS and Internet Software

Media and Content

Ad tech


Get started in minutes without the heavy lift.

Macrometa is easy to get started with, integrates with your environment seamlessly and gives you effortless, scalable and reliable access to your data from a variety of popular frameworks.

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