The world’s fastest streaming graph database and graph analytics platform for developers

Macrometa GraphDB is an ultra low latency, high performance, fault tolerant, fully managed graph database service that makes it incredibly easy to build and run graph powered apps and APIs on highly connected datasets. 

Macrometa’s streaming graph engine can easily ingest millions of related events across tens of thousands of streams with billions of connected relationships in real time and query the dynamic graph structure with milliseconds latency. Macrometa powers graph use cases such as recommendation engines, fraud detection, knowledge graphs, drug discovery, and network security.

Macrometa GraphDB delivers end-to-end sub 100ms round trip time (RTT) latency from anywhere in the world. Graph data is automatically replicated across any number of chosen locations (up to 175 regions globally), with a multi master read and write in any location with consistency guarantees and advanced features to change data feeds for publishing or subscribing to document collections as streams.

SQL Like easy query language - Macrometa C8QL

High performance indexing support

Sub 100ms end to end RTT latency anywhere in the world

ACID consistency - with asynchronous replication globally

Serverless - Accelerate your existing apps or build new ones against your existing datastores and databases while using Macrometa to cache and serve requests wherever your users are located

Streaming data and event processing


100% fully managed and serverless

  • You don't manage any DB tasks - we do everything for you
  • Automatically scale with elasticity whether within a specific region to handle a local hotspot of demand or across multiple regions as users are more geographically distributed

Cross-Region Replication across 100s of regions

Have the flexibility to decide where your data lives and how many nodes are deployed. Define what data can be accessed in what geographies to help ensure data sovereignty and adhere to data regulations like GDPR

Comprehensive index support

Create high performance indexes such as a primary index, a graph/edge index, a persistent index, Time To Live (TTL index), full text index and more

Low Latency

Serve data globally to devices and users < 50ms for P90 and < 75ms P99. Publish and subscribe to collections of graphs as streams - build reactive applications quickly and easily

Map of Macrometa Locations

Use Cases

Knowledge graphs

Easily connect objects in a graph model and query them instantly. Use knowledge graphs to surface related objects quickly and efficiently

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Identity graphs

Easily connect attributes of identity including devices, people, locations to create personalization, recommendations and pattern detection

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Social Networking

Store relationships between users, customers, friends, and purchase history to quickly and easily surface hidden relationships as recommendations

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Network, application performance and IT operations management

build next generation IT infrastructure monitoring and performance management by storing information about files, data, devices, configurations and more as graphs and query them to quickly and easily understand the interdependent relationships between them

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Featured Solution

Using graphs to identify credit card fraud

Go through all current disputed transactions and find a common merchant where all these customers have made a transaction in the recent past. The idea is that this common merchant is where the credit card data of these customers of disputed transactions is stolen.

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