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Dynamo Mode

Get the Dynamo experience at the edge with 50X better latency than AWS DynamoDB

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Macrometa Dynamo mode offers a low latency, globally replicated key-value and document database that is serverless, multi-cloud, multi-region, and multi-master. Not only does Macrometa Dynamo mode offer all the features of AWS DynamoDB, it offers seamless compatibility.

Dynamo mode delivers end-to-end sub 100ms round trip time (RTT) latency from anywhere in the world. Data is automatically replicated across any number of chosen locations (up to 175 regions globally), not restricted to 5 regions like AWS DynamoDB with global tables. Consuming change data feeds becomes effortless with the ability to publish or subscribe to table streams


Key-Value and Document data models


Side cache to DynamoDB


Sub 100ms end to end RTT latency anywhere in the world


Streaming data and event processing support




Modern efficient architecture

Macrometa Industries



Working with Dynamo Mode


Reduced DynamoDB costs by caching reads and writes on Macrometa

Macrometa's caching capabilities allows frequently used objects to be accessed and modified at the edge of the network instead of performing lengthy and slow roundtrips into the cloud.


Cross-Region Replication across 100s of regions

Replicate & synchronize data across global cache regions and primary databases with high consistency and low latency.

Modern web and mobile applications often face database performance challenges when scaling to meet the demands from a growing customer base and increasingly complex applications. Enterprises use Macrometa Dynamo mode to support a variety of use cases, including advertising campaigns, social media applications, tracking gaming information, collecting and analyzing log data, and online business but without the geographic restrictions and prohibitive cost and latency of AWS DynamoDB.

Featured Solution

Edge Commerce Demo

Watch this demo of low latency eCommerce experiences such as product catalogs, search, and recommendations, built by Macrometa using Dynamo Mode.

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