Retail & E-Commerce

Retailers are constantly under pressure to deliver a speedy, contextualized, and omni-channel shopping experience to stay competitive. Unfortunately, we’ve come to a point where traditional cloud architectures cannot deliver the performance, affordability, and agility requirements of modern, data-driven applications.

Macrometa’s Edge Cloud enables retailers to bring their data and compute to the Edge of the network, next to their customers, stores, distribution centers, and staff. This brings real-time capabilities to their businesses, enabling inventory and stock level management while providing an unparalleled experience for customers due to dramatically reduced time to interact, meaning fewer abandoned shopping carts and lost revenue for the retailer.


Ultimate scale at 60% cheaper than Cloud alternatives

Macrometa processes the write-intensive workloads that are generated from ever-changing gaming data exceptionally efficiently. Macrometa’s powerful query language allows developers to query data using familiar expressions easily (SQL). Tightly integrated search, real-time analytics, and real-time event and log capture enable developers to write apps on a single platform, eliminating cloud cost and complexity. Real-time Inventory tracking & fulfillment.

Real time data at the Edge, enabling multiple benefits for retail

Deliver personalized recommendations, real-time Offers, and premium customer experience by analyzing past spending and browsing habits for personalized real-time recommendations. Present targeted and contextualized information to customers. Send offers, coupon codes in real-time to increase sales and reduce cart abandonment.

Real-time Inventory tracking & fulfillment

Ensure inventory is updated in real-time by connecting all systems and applications across brick and mortar stores, E-commerce, and warehouses. Achieve higher customer satisfaction by providing real-time stock availability. Increase order capture and order fulfillment for E-commerce orders. Enact dynamic price changes in real-time.

Monetize your data with Real-time Insight and Analytics at the Edge

In real-time, data is delivered at the Edge, enabling fast insight for supply and demand information, which facilitates dynamic pricing opportunities, offers, personalization, and upsell opportunities.

Aggregate and analyze data from inventory, transactional, clickstream systems in real-time. Accelerate time to insights with real-time analytics to identify patterns and enable faster decision-making during peak season. Analyze transactions in real-time to detect fraudulent and duplicate transactions.

Web & Mobile Acceleration

Build data-intensive apps or boost the performance of your existing databases by retrieving data from a high throughput and low latency global persistent cache.

Real-time Workflow engines

Customers can implement event-driven data pipelines and solutions like order processing to improve decoupling, agility, and scalability.

Event-Driven architectures can be built at the Edge allowing data to be analysed and acted on  in real time.

Graph Search & Knowledge Graphs 

Build knowledge graphs to store information in a graph model and use search & graph queries to enable your users to navigate cross databases and location datasets easily. For example, users can see what friends have purchased, view trending products and similar products to their choices. Using a knowledge graph, you can add topical information to product catalogs, build and query complex models of regulatory rules, or model general information.

Customer Examples

One of the World's largest retailers

Macrometa removes the swathes of componentry and glue code by providing a platform at the edge it would typically need to build an application.  This allows developers to focus on the app rather than the infrastructure and reduces the time to get applications to market by 2-3x.

Running the same tech stack in the public cloud was proving unmanageable, costly, and operationally cumbersome. Macrometa Edge Cloud enables the retailer to have geographically dispersed Data next to the users allowing for personalization, geo-fencing of customer data, and hugely reduced cloud costs.

Geographically distributed retailer

Centralized distribution and lack of real-time inventory and stock management capability meant store and warehouse stock levels weren’t accurate, and product shipment costs were very high. Using the Macrometa platform has enabled the customer to keep real-time stock and inventory levels, track merchandise accurately and enable geographically dispersed distribution, dramatically reducing costs and improving product delivery time. 

Why Macrometa

Build Highly Performant Applications

We store, serve, and process your data within 10ms of 80% of the world's population and have a global P90 roundtrip response time of 50ms. We maintain your data's state and consistency across all of our 175+ data centers, and you can use our API to augment your existing applications or build from the ground up.

On Macrometa's Edge Cloud, your apps are going to be faster than ever before.

Reduce your cloud spend

The tech behind Macrometa is a revolutionary new way to build cloud-scale applications. We've designed the platform from the ground up to be highly efficient for reads and writes. It's so efficient that we can operate at a fraction of the cost of traditional cloud providers and pass those savings on to you, typically 50% or more! 

Read our white paper for the details.

Improve Developer Velocity & Happiness

Developers spend 80% of their time writing and maintaining glue code and 20% of their time on the business logic that makes your business unique. Our platform is entirely Serverless, which means we abstract that 80% percent away so developers can focus all their time on the bits that add value for customers. 

Developers can program against our API in whatever language they are familiar with, so getting up to speed and productive is as simple as reading some documentation. So, you can bring products to market and ship new features in a fraction of the time it usually takes.

Get started in minutes without the heavy lift.

Macrometa is easy to get started with, integrates with your environment seamlessly and gives you effortless, scalable, and reliable access to your data from a variety of popular frameworks.

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