Gaming & E-Sports

Online gaming and online sports betting are challenging environments, requiring large volumes of data, unpredictable traffic and ensuring continuous uptime. For these companies, user retention is no longer just desirable, it’s critical. Gamers expect to play whenever they want for as long as they want, and have a low tolerance for delays or lag.

Macrometa's Edge Cloud gives gamers the ‘Netflix’ experience by putting data and compute right next to players and providing users a responsive and personalized experience across all of their devices.


Ultimate scale at 60% cheaper than Cloud alternatives

Macrometa processes the write-intensive workloads that are generated from ever-changing gaming data exceptionally efficiently. Macrometa’s powerful query language allows developers to query data using familiar expressions easily. In addition, tightly integrated search, real-time analytics, and real-time event and log capture enable developers to write apps on a single platform, eliminating cloud cost and complexity.

Globally distributed data using Macrometa Global Data Network

Enables multi region gaming efficiencies, players across geo distributed regions can play the same game.  Game developers do not need to worry about data consistency as Macarometa Cloud Edge PaaS manages state as it is replicated across 100’s of Macrometa PoP’s 

Real-time Data at the Edge 

- Macrometa Edge Cloud allows real time game states. Build immersive and engaging experiences with in-game telemetry i.e., Analyze how your player interacts with the game and other players with real-time in-game telemetry. 

- Player datastores ,  profiles & session history. Continuously process data in real-time to build leaderboards, analyze player profiles and personalize experience with loyalty programs and incentives.

- Continuously process data in real-time to build leaderboards

User and Geographic Personalization 

Hyper personalization, real time leaderboards and ability to analyze player sentiment in real-time to adjust critical elements of the game and adjust gameplay.

Customer Examples

Multi player gaming company

One of the largest US based gaming companies had the need for real time data analytics to analyze gamer behavior to allow targeted advertising, upsell and monitoring. Macrometa’s real time Edge based data ingestion and analytics enabled the customer to drive virtual goods sales, powerups and increase player engagement time & quality.