At Macrometa, our mission is to make every developer a hero. What developers build is just as important as how they build it. Developers need their applications to perform at super low latency, even at scale. And it needs to be secure. And without all the costly infrastructure. The team at Fastly shares this vision, and that’s why we’re happy to announce that Macrometa is now a part of the Fastly [email protected] partner ecosystem.

[email protected], Fastly’s serverless compute platform, helps developers explore new and innovative edge use cases. The partner ecosystem takes this a step further by featuring seamless integrations with other innovative companies across a wide variety of categories. Developers can now build on [email protected] and take advantage of Macrometa’s low-latency Global Data Network.

To see this integration in action, we’ve developed two sample applications built on Fastly’s [email protected]: A video streaming platform affectionately called Edgely + and a dashboard to track Fastly’s Real-time Log Analytics using the Macrometa GDN.

The newest video streaming platform – Edgely +

Edgely+ video streaming
Edgely+ from your friends at Fastly and Macrometa <3

Our video streaming platform shows what happens when you combine a super-fast, globally distributed database with [email protected] Don’t just search for Keanu Reeves, refine your search by Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder movies. There’s a few ;)

Edgely + on GitHub.

Real-time log analytics with Fastly and Macrometa

Real-time log analytics
Analytics, now in real-time

In this tutorial, learn how to use Macrometa’s pub/sub, event processing, and log analytics in real time using our Stream Workers and Query Workers (Javascript and SQL functions as a service). Ingest logs and process them to produce real-time charts and dashboards without sending any data into Splunk or Datadog (and maybe save some $$ while having fun programming for the edge). See HTTP latency, response count, response size, and unique visitor traffic - all right now.

Real-time analytics on GitHub.

We’re thrilled to be a part of the [email protected] partner ecosystem and can’t wait to see how developers build the impossible app with Fastly + Macrometa. Show us what you create by tagging us on Twitter.

Learn more about the [email protected] partner ecosystem

Read the Fastly press release

Mar 2, 2022

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