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Why Roma Shah Joined Macrometa

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My professional life during the pandemic has been interesting (to say the least). Reflecting on life these past two years, I’ve realized I’ve had some amazing experiences and accomplishments: I’ve been through an acquisition, led some systems integrations, and managed a team during hyper growth. So why did I begin getting the feeling that something was missing? After some much needed introspection, I realized I was missing the joy of learning and doing something new every day.

That's why I am so excited to join Macrometa as its first Program Manager! I am also looking forward to supporting Macrometa as it grows to become the fourth cloud titan.

So why Macrometa?

The largest factor for me was the culture - the people and the core values they embody. Having experienced what an amazing, kind, and supportive work culture feels like, versus one that is overly demanding and unenjoyable, I knew I had to find the right culture fit to be happy. I could find meaningful work where I learn new things, but if the culture wasn’t right, I knew I wouldn’t be happy. 

My first thoughts whenI met the Macrometa team were “I would love to work with and learn from every single one of these people”.

Not only are they incredibly smart, they also truly embody the core values – Honest, Humble, Heart. The culture they create is one of trust, one of learning, and one of compassion. This is so important to me because culture lays the groundwork for how successful a company can be. I see that same culture when I meet someone new in the company.

The next important factor for me was the ability to learn and grow. Startups tend to move at the speed of light which means I also get to grow at that pace. While I don’t see myself becoming a full-time developer, I can already say I have learned a ton and I am only on Day 10. I get to learn technology and grow with the support of an amazing team.

Lastly, it’s always been important to me to be in a role where I believe in the company, the mission, and the vision. Edge computing is at the core of our technological future because it brings data closer to the location where it’s needed. It has such a wide range of applications from streaming services to telemedicine to autonomous vehicles. But more so, the company’s mission to “make every developer a hero” is what spoke to me. Our product will make globally-distributed app development and deployment simple and instant. I want to be a part of making that happen and leading us into the future.

I am beyond thrilled to join Macrometa on this journey!

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