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Why Eddie Garcia Joined Macrometa

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2021 will be a memorable year for so many personal and professional reasons. It marks the end of many journeys as it marks the beginning of new ones. There are moments in life when you stop, look back, reflect on the past and double down on what comes next. I found myself in this moment and being at the right place at the right time as I crossed paths with Macrometa.

Could I find another opportunity to match or top my 11 year journey with Gazzang? I began writing its very first lines of code on nights and weekends, and saw it through Series A and the acquisition by Cloudera. I watched it become a unicorn IPO and growth north of $800 million in ARR. I was happy with my journey as VP of Engineering and CISO to CIO. But, like getting off a rollercoaster, I felt I needed to do it all over again.

I had heard all these great about Macrometa – but I was a bit skeptical. As a security person, you have to be skeptical about pretty much everything. As I talked to the founders, saw the technology, and learned more about their early customers and successes, that skepticism quickly faded away. As I dug deeper, I continued to be amazed and started to see that Macrometa was at the beginning of something big.

After 30 years of building software and solutions across different operating systems, coding languages, databases, user interfaces, APIs, data centers, clouds and containers, you name it, I have seen many technologies come and go. The ones that endured are the ones that were embraced by developers, easy to use and maintain, stable, and trustworthy. In Macrometa’s Global Data Network (GDN), I see all the right ingredients for developers to quickly, securely, and seamlessly create the technology that will drive a new world. A world that does not believe in barriers, that is globally-distributed, that processes information in milliseconds, where —living on the edge— takes on a whole new meaning.

I am thrilled to join Macrometa as CISO/CDO/CIO and will work tirelessly to win the trust of our customers, providing a secure and safe place to process their most sensitive and critical data. I will also keep confidentiality and privacy at the forefront of all data analytics, data engineering, and data science that will continuously improve the Macrometa platform. I will also be helping Macrometa grow and mature to its full potential. As a Macrometan, I will be a colleague, friend, and voice for diversity and inclusion.

While I have been part of several startups in my career, I have never been as excited as I am for Macrometa. The feeling is hard to describe, being part of a team with so much energy where everyone is bringing the best of all their previous experiences and coming together to build something big and new.

The future ahead is ripe for new technology breakthroughs in space, renewable energy, telemedicine, technology, and quality of life. I am so excited to see how Macrometa can become an important contributor to these breakthroughs.

Thank you Macrometa for this opportunity.

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