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Macrometa Exits Stealth With A Planet Scaling Serverless EDGE Cloud - The GDN

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We are told that low latency and imagination are the only prerequisites for building tomorrow’s edge applications. Tragically, this is an incomplete and false hope. In order for robust, world-changing, enterprise applications to emerge, Macrometa believes we must first solve the very hard problem of bringing stateful data to the edge. Without stateful data, the edge will be doomed to forever being nothing more than a place to execute stateless code that routes requests, redirects traffic or performs simple local computations.

At Macrometa, we have created a cloud service for Web, Mobile, IoT and Augmented Gaming app builders to create sophisticated, real-time, globally distributed, edge applications. Much like how CDNs bring static content closer to end users making websites quick to load, the Macrometa Global Data Network (GDN) moves cloud based SaaS, web, mobile, IoT and database apps & APIs to the network edge. We enable anyone to build & run globally distributed, synchronized, fault tolerant applications powered by dynamic, query able data milliseconds away from users and devices across major cities and urban metropolitan regions worldwide.

During our beta program – customers built new e-commerce, mobile, IOT, gaming apps and interactive web experiences enhanced with real-time edge located dynamic data, enhanced their static CDN with our dynamic content engine delivering instant database results via GraphQL and REST, created distributed, high frequency analytics apps with edge based stream processing, solved complex GDPR problems by geo-fencing data with automatic consent compliance tracking. They have augmented (and even replaced) apps & API backends that were built on Google Cloud Spanner, AWS DynamoDB, Firebase, MongoDB, Kafka, & more.

We are excited to announce our exit from stealth with a server less edge cloud that spans 25 global metropolitan regions offering a “global database, global stream processing & function/container” as a service platform. Our edge cloud will expand to over 50 regions in 2019 and we plan to expand service to over 100 regions by mid 2020.

Turns out that that imagination is the only prerequisites for building tomorrow’s edge applications with Macrometa - Learn more at https://www.macrometa.com

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