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Alan Evans On Why He Joined Macrometa

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When I updated that I joined Macrometa on my profile on LinkedIn, a couple of friends in my network messaged me. The first simply said “!”, which I loved (and couldn't agree more), and another said, “Congrats on the new role! This team gets it”.

This team does get it... and that's why I'm so excited and grateful to be part of Macrometa’s journey and be part of Chetan and Durga’s team.

I’ve been lucky enough to be in the Edge Cloud space now for almost four years and it’s been a great journey that I am truly enjoying, and very grateful for. Through all the pondering, debating, trying, and testing, I've come to the conclusion that to really make a difference at the edge, we need to enable developers to build at the edge and not just re-host (lift-and-shift) applications.

To be able to build at, and for the Edge, we need the right tools. I believe it’s a mistake to think that the tools that are available in traditional centralized public Clouds are the right tools to be used for the Edge; there is a formula for building platform services that developers can truly use, and that is what Macrometa has created with its GDN (Global Data Network).

For me the Edge has always been about improving the quality of experience for the end-user, whether they are human or machine, and much of what we consider to be quality of experience comes down to service immediacy; i.e. how fast does my application respond, how quickly can insight be generating, and an actuation triggered that ultimately translates into something of value.

Macrometa enables enterprises to build real-time, latency-sensitive applications or services that are located <50ms to 90% of the world's connected devices. This opens up a very broad set of use cases, and even makes real-time, data-intensive applications a viable proposal that would have ordinarily been impossible to achieve with a centralized Cloud approach both operationally and/or commercially!

Macrometa provides an Edge Cloud platform in the form of Serverless compute with built-in data services that can replicate data within milliseconds across 100s of locations globally, pub-sub, streams all wrapped in a developer-friendly and familiar environment.

Yes, this is, yes, this team gets it, and yes you can probably tell I’m really excited and proud to be part of the Macrometa journey!

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