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Next Generation OTT Video Services: Ad Cohort Mapping And More

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As Over the Top (OTT) video services continue to grow in popularity, the pressure to increase ad revenue for these services is also increasing. In fact, over half of OTT revenue comes from ads. For new challengers and disruptors in the space, it's especially important to embrace a multi-channel monetization model that includes subscriptions and ads. But how do you optimize online advertising delivery and provide dynamic, personalized experiences that can compete in a saturated OTT service environment?

The answer lies in implementing sophisticated approaches like ad cohort mapping, personalized entitlements, and hyper-scale serving. These approaches are crucial to deliver tailored content experiences and increase ad performance and ad viewability.

Hyper-targeted ad cohorts and dynamic ad matching

One important approach is hyper-targeted ad cohorts and dynamic ad matching. Ad cohort mapping is the practice of segmenting viewers into groups, or cohorts, that have shared characteristics such as demographics, psychographic data, financial value, and location. The more granular the cohorts, the more opportunities for advertisers to reach and engage interested prospects, which leads to greater monetization for the content in terms of generating ad revenue. Cohort mapping can become more challenging when done at scale for large events or new popular content releases.

Managing the complexity of personalized entitlements

Personalized entitlements are a key part of ensuring that viewers receive a seamless and customized experience when using OTT video streaming services. Entitlements refer to the specific content and features that a user has access to based on their subscription level, geographic location, language preferences, and other factors.

For example, a viewer who subscribes to a particular service may have access to a different set of content and features than someone who subscribes to a different service or has a different subscription level. In order to ensure that each viewer sees the appropriate content and features, streaming services need to be able to keep track of these entitlements in real-time and serve content based on the viewer's entitlements.

Reduce latency with hyper-scale serving

Hyper-scale serving is a critical capability for OTT video streaming services. When millions of viewers access content at the same time - like for a popular show premiere - services need to be able to deliver content quickly and efficiently across different locations. Hyper-scale serving enables services to deliver content and ads to viewers from the closest available server, reducing latency and improving the overall viewing experience.

Everything all at once …. plus data enrichment

Streaming services are challenged to keep track of these entitlements and serve viewers according to their subscription model, language, etc. Then there is data enrichment that has to happen in real time to incorporate new signals, features, and metadata about customers, enabling streaming services to enrich a cohort's data. Some of these data points can include new product categories, brands of interest based on a new location, or previous content they consumed.

Increase ad performance with Macrometa

In today's OTT video streaming services competitive ad environment, it's not enough to be proactive; services need to deliver the most relevant ads at the right time. With current economic stressors, ad sponsors will demand more hyper-targeted and dynamic ad matching to increase their ROI.

Macrometa's Dynamic Ad Cohort solution enables OTT video streaming services to map viewers to ad content cohorts in real-time and change cohort assignment throughout the viewer's session. Serve ads in milliseconds to more than 2 billion humans and 100 billion devices anywhere on Earth with the Macrometa Global Data Network. With Macrometa, streaming services can gain an edge over their competition and immediately apply real-time ad cohort matching, entitlement checks, and dynamic enrichment to serve the most relevant ads while they have their viewers' attention.

Download the white paper to find out more about how to Serve Ads to Millions of Viewers in Real-Time. Learn more about how to increase ad performance by scheduling a demo with a Macrometa solution architect.

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