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The fastest, low latency full text search as service

Under 50 ms round trip latency (RTT) from anywhere in the world. Indexes and data are automatically replicated across over 175 regions.


Multi language support

Full text in 20+ languages with dedicated analyzers and advanced features like stopword removal and stemming


Real Time Ranked search

Use rich query parameters like spanning phrases, wild cards, ranges, proximity and similarity


Multi model search

Query and search across KV pairs, documents, graphs and more


Powerful indexing

By combining complex search across attributes and collections



Get started right away and don't worry about config or maintenance


Triggers and webhooks

Interact with your data in realtime



Multi channel usage

Power multiple channels of use (web, mobile or voice)


Unified scope and flexibility in designing the best search experience

Search across KV pairs, JSON documents, graphs and more


Rich customizable analytics

Design your own search analytics to uncover how your users are using search


100% fully managed

You don't manage any pub/sub infrastructure or operations - we do everything for you. Scale elastically within a specific region to handle a local hotspot of demand or across multiple regions as users are more distributed.


Cross-Region Replication of search metadata and indexes across 100s of regions

Your search data can be located within 10ms of 80% of the global population


Comprehensive index support

Create high performance indexes such as a primary index, a graph/edge index, a persistent index, Time To Live (TTL index), full text index and more


Low Latency

Serve data globally to devices and users < 50ms for P90 and < 75ms P99


Publish and subscribe to collections of documents as streams

Build reactive applications quickly and easily

Applications & Solutions


Site Search

Full text site search to get your users the information they need exactly when they need it

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  • Extend your existing applications
  • Built for hyper distributed use cases
  • Up to 100x faster than AWS or GCP
  • Serve billions of users in real-time
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