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The Ultimate Game Data Warehouse

Use live game data to increase revenue, retention, and player safety

The success of game studios, developers, and publishers relies on effectively utilizing data to enhance gameplay and increase potential revenue. In addition to performance data, operational data such as player interactions, game session details, and virtual world information are crucial. Analyzing this data can lead to outcomes like increased revenue, player satisfaction, engagement, and a safe gaming environment.

The ability to process data in real-time is vital for maximizing returns on investment, and a centralized cloud model may struggle with the complexity and volume of operational data worldwide. Enter the Macrometa hyper distributed cloud solution for Gaming and eSports organizations that offers real-time data analysis at unprecedented scale. This white paper details why AAA gaming organizations can use live data to increase revenue, engagement, retention, and player safety.

Learn why the hyper distributed cloud is the clear winner when it comes to real-time data:

  • The challenges of the centralized cloud data warehouse
  • Why AAA game publishers need to explore and analyze operational data
  • The advantages of the hyper distributed over a centralized cloud
  • Benefits of the Macrometa game data warehouse solution
Download the whitepaper to learn how to leverage data to enhance gameplay and revenue.
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