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The fastest, real-time, low latency, and globally distributed asynchronous messaging service for developers to build powerful and scalable apps

Macrometa Pub/Sub and Streams is an asynchronous messaging service. Macrometa Pub/sub enables powerful serverless asynchronous messaging by decoupling event producers and consumers via a simple SDK and API. Using Macrometa pub/sub enables developers to ingest, and forward events and messages with very low latency in 100s of regions around the world. By moving pub/sub physically closer to data publishers and subscribers, Macrometa lets you build event driven and reactive apps at a fraction of the time and cost of using legacy platforms in the cloud (like AWS kinesis or Google cloud pub/sub) or stand alone SaaS services (pub/sub or pusher).

Developers use Macrometa’s Pub/Sub as messaging-oriented middleware (MoM) or for discrete event/stream ingestion and delivery for streaming analytics pipeline use cases.

Macrometa’s Pub/Sub offers persistent message storage and real-time (sub 75ms latency from any producer to any consumer in the world) message delivery with fault tolerance and consistent performance at variable scales.


Guaranteed message delivery

With either (1) exactly once or (2) at least once semantics


Auto scaling

Scale from zero to Tb/s in seconds


Global multi cloud messaging and routing

175 cloud regions globally - Connect apps and devices to data anywhere in the world and across clouds



With Websockets, Kafka, Pulsar and MQTT



Get started quickly without worrying about config or ops


Triggers and webhooks



Never poll any service ever again

Macrometa’s converged data platform allows anything to be a publisher - your code, a table, an external service and send messages to your code, a table or collection or a microservice without any polling code or operations


Service discovery and dynamic eventing

Build flexible and resilient software by enabling services to discover each other by posting to channels or topics


Decoupled to scale infinitely

Macrometa pub/sub is seamlessly integrated with macrometa’s noSQL database and allows changes to apps to be made seamlessly without sending ripple effects across your entire backend


100% fully managed and serverless

You don't manage any pub/sub infrastructure or operations - we do everything for you. Automatically scale with elasticity whether within a specific region to handle a local hotspot of demand or across multiple regions as users are more geographically distributed.


Cross-Region Replication of events and streams

Across 100s of regions - unmatched scale and flexibility in designing your system


Low Latency

Serve data globally to devices and users < 50ms for P90 and < 75ms P99

Applications & Solutions


High throughput Asynchronous Processing with fan in/out

Events published can programmatically trigger serverless functions. Macrometa query workers and edge workers (cloudflare workers or Akamai edge workers) ensure tasks are performed asynchronously


Geographical Search

Real-Time geo-spacial search across all inflight messages

Featured Solution

A crypto trading app

Measure the price of fiat and bitcoin across 3 different currencies and exchanges around the global to make sub-second arbitrage buy/sell decisions, and profit

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Built for developers, by developers

Macrometa integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows, giving you fast, scalable, and reliable access to your data from a wide range of popular frameworks.

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