Application Performance Management

With Macrometa’s application performance monitoring (APM) solutions, businesses can monitor whether their IT environment meets performance standards, identify bugs and potential issues, and provide flawless user experiences via close monitoring of resources. We provide IT teams with the information they need to connect application performance to business outcomes, as well as identify and fix performance issues before they impact the end-user.


Real-time monitoring

Reap Continuous, Real-Time Business Insights. Use data manipulation functions to spot early trends or patterns in data and prevent or quickly respond to business opportunities and threats.

Fault Tolerance & Error Handling

A fault-tolerant design enables a system to continue its intended operation, possibly at a reduced level, rather than failing completely, when some part of the system fails. ... That is, the system as a whole is not stopped due to problems either in the hardware or the software.

Real-time Machine Learning with pre-created models and online training

Serve pre-created ML models based on TensorFlow or PMML that are built via Python, R, Spark,, or others and call models via HTTP or gRPC for decision making. Online machine learning for clustering, classification, and regression. Anomaly detection using markov chains.

Static Rule Processing

Dynamically change the rules in your database according to your business requirements without touching the deployed system. All the dynamic values need for each rule can be templated and pump into the rule at runtime.

Patterns & Trends Over Time

Create a measurable and verifiable method for your businesses to project future outcomes. Use them for failure analysis and as an early warning indicator of impending problems and forecast market trends, sales growth, inventory levels, etc.

Alerts Based on Thresholds

Generate alerts based on static and dynamic thresholds. Correlate data to detect event anomalies and missing events. Publish alerts via various event sinks such as email, and MQs. Calculate aggregations over time, length, and session windows.

Real-time Log Analytics

Collect data from multiple sources and quickly turn large volumes of raw data into rich, contextual insights in real-time, transform and take action on data in motion.

Filtering and Aggregations

Aggregate your data at the edge and only return the necessary bits to your cloud.

Why Macrometa

Build Highly Performant Applications

We store, serve, and process your data within 10ms of 80% of the world's population and have a global P90 roundtrip response time of 50ms. We maintain your data's state and consistency across all of our 175+ data centers, and you can use our API to augment your existing applications or build from the ground up.

On Macrometa's Edge Cloud, your apps are going to be faster than ever before.

Reduce your cloud spend

The tech behind Macrometa is a revolutionary new way to build cloud-scale applications. We've designed the platform from the ground up to be highly efficient for reads and writes. It's so efficient that we can operate at a fraction of the cost of traditional cloud providers and pass those savings on to you, typically 50% or more! 

Read our white paper for the details.

Improve Developer Velocity & Happiness

Developers spend 80% of their time writing and maintaining glue code and 20% of their time on the business logic that makes your business unique. Our platform is entirely Serverless, which means we abstract that 80% percent away so developers can focus all their time on the bits that add value for customers. 

Developers can program against our API in whatever language they are familiar with, so getting up to speed and productive is as simple as reading some documentation. So, you can bring products to market and ship new features in a fraction of the time it usually takes.