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Key-Value Store

A globally replicated Key/Value store that can store and query data.

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Macrometa KV Datastore is a serverless KV database with low latency, automatic global replication, and high sustained write throughput. It’s designed for high-performance web and mobile apps and APIs.

Macrometa KV Datastore delivers end-to-end sub 100ms round trip time (RTT) latency from anywhere in the world. Data is automatically replicated across multiple locations worldwide, offering up to 175 regions to choose from. With multi-master read and write capabilities, data can be accessed and modified from any location while ensuring consistency. Additionally, advanced features enable easy publishing or subscribing to key-value pairs as streams for efficient data handling.


Global KV Store

Enterprises can choose which regions to replicate their database in or automatically replicate to 10 worldwide regions and serve data locally.


Designed for write intensity

Multi-master writes at scale ensure consistent replication of data while allowing extensive and concurrent write operations.


ACID consistency

With asynchronous replication globally.

Use Cases


Financial Services

Handles high-volume financial transactions, fraud detection, and risk analysis

Featured Solution

Edge Commerce Demo

Watch a demo with low latency eCommerce experiences such as product catalogs, search, and recommendations built by Macrometa.

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  • Maximize the value of your existing application investments
  • Designed for complex and distributed use cases
  • Achieve up to 100x faster performance than AWS or GCP
  • Seamlessly scale to serve billions of users in real-time
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