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Key-Value Store

A globally replicated Key/Value store that is simple to use to store and query data via a web service request. Automatically replicates data globally to 100s of regions to serve data instantly to web and mobile apps.

Macrometa KV Datastore is a serverless KV database with low latency, automatic global replication, and high sustained write throughput. It’s designed to enable developers to build high-performance web and mobile apps and APIs quickly and easily without the need for managing anything.

Macrometa KV Datastore delivers end-to-end sub 100ms round trip time (RTT) latency from anywhere in the world. for a KV pair insert, select, update or delete. Data is automatically replicated across any number of chosen locations (up to 175 regions globally), with a multi-master read and write in any location with consistency guarantees and advanced features to change data feeds for publishing or subscribing to KV pairs as streams.


Global KV Store

Choose which regions you want to replicate your database in (enterprise) or automatically replicate to 10 worldwide regions and serve data locally


Integrates with Cloudflare workers

Provides very high performance and low latency KV database features to Cloudflare worker powered apps and APIs


Straightforward API

Use our simple API to quickly add state to your lambda functions, Cloudflare workers, or container apps


Designed for write intensity

Multi-master writes at scale enable you to write extensively with consistency guarantees for replicated data


ACID consistency

With asynchronous replication globally



Minimal ramp-up & only pay for resources you actually consume (storage, API requests)

Applications & Solutions


KV Store for Serverless apps, SPAs, JAMStack

Build powerful apps that scale geographically based on demand with complete fault tolerance

Use Cases

Featured Solution

Edge Commerce Demo

Build low latency eCommerce experiences such as product catalogs, search, and recommendations with Macrometa Dynamo Mode.

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E-commerce bookstore

Built for developers, by developers

Macrometa integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows, giving you fast, scalable, and reliable access to your data from a wide range of popular frameworks.

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