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Key-Value Store Data

The Key-Value Store Data tab is the primary section for viewing individual collection information.

Key-Value Store Data Tab

This is a complex tab which contains the following items.

Collection Name

The name of the collection that you are viewing is displayed above the tab, in the upper left corner of the screen.

Enable/Disable Streams

Click to turn streams on or off for this collection. When streams are enabled, you can access the Stream tab.

Create New Pair

Create a new key-value pair inside the selected collection and add data. For more information, refer to Add Key-Value Pairs.

Delete Pair

Click the red minus next to a key-value pair to remove it from the collection.


The key that corresponds to the document. Every key has a unique value.


Displays the value corresponding to the key.

Expire At

The exact time when the time-to-live (TTL) index expires (date and time). Expiration is not required, so the value might be N/A.

Edit a Pair

Click a key-value record to open the Edit Pair window. You can change the Value and Expire At fields, but not the _key.

Edit Pair window