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Create a Key-Value Collection

This page explains how to create a new Key-Value collection.

Follow these instructions to create a new collection using the GDN console web UI.

  1. Log in to your Macrometa account.

  2. Click Data > Collections.

  3. Click New Collection.

  4. Click Key-Value.

  5. Enter information about the collection and then click Create.

    • Collection Name - Required. A unique name to distinguish the collection. Spaces are not allowed.
    • Collection stream - Enable streams for all locations for this collection.
    • Strong consistency - Enable strong consistency on this collection. For more information, refer to Strong consistency.
    • Group ID - Enable the Group ID field in key-value documents.
    • Expiration - Enable expiration. This allows key-value documents to be removed at a certain date and time.
    • Blob storage - (If enabled on your account.) Allows you to store blob files in the collection.