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Create a Dynamo Table

AWS Dynamo Database users can create Dynamo Table collections. You can use Macrometa as a datastore and achieve global data distribution within milliseconds.

To switch to GDN, you must change the connection URL, AccessKey, and SecretKey. AWS Dynamo DB SDK and CLI are compatible. Geo-distribution is global by default.

Create a Dynamo Table Collection with the Console

Follow these instructions to create a new collection using the GDN console web UI.

  1. Log in to your Macrometa account.

  2. Click Collections.

  3. Click New Collection.

  4. Click Dynamo Table.

  5. Enter information about the collection and then click Create.

    • Table Name - Required. A unique name to distinguish the collection. Spaces are not allowed.
    • Partition Key - Required. The key is not autogenerated.
    • Partition Key Type - Select the option that matches the partition key value.
    • Sorting Key (Optional) - An optional key for creating a composite key in combination with the partion key.
    • Sorting Key Type (Optional) - Required if you enter a sorting key.
    • Create Secondary Index - Add a secondary Partion and/or Sort Key that differ from the base table.

Create a Dynamo Table Collection with Code

Use createTable to create a new Dynamo table in the collection.

Refer to the other topics in this section for various examples using this function with the SDK, CLI, and Boto3.