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Add Key-Value-Pairs

This page explains how to add a key-value pair to a Key-Value Store collection.

Add a Key-Value Pair with the Console

Follow these instructions to add documents to an existing document collection using the GDN console web UI.

  1. Log in to your Macrometa account.

  2. Click Collections.

  3. In the collection list, click the name of the key-value collection to which you want to add a key-value pair. If you aren't sure which collections are key-value collections, then you can click Key-Value at the top of the page to see just key-value collections.

  4. Click New Pair.

  5. (Optional) Enter information in fields.

    • _key - Optional. If left blank, then Macrometa automatically generates a key.
    • Value - Enter an individual value.
    • Expiration - Required if expiration was enabled when the collection was created.
  6. Click Create.

    Macrometa creates the new key-value record.

Insert Key-Value Pairs with Code

The code examples below show how to insert key-value pairs into the collection.

  from c8 import C8Client

key = "<your-api-key>"
collection_name = "students"

# Create a connection to GDN
client = C8Client(protocol='https', host='', port=443,

# Insert key-value pairs
data = [
"_key": "John",
"value": "Science",
"expireAt": 0
"_key": "Alice",
"value": "Maths",
"expireAt": 0
"_key": "Alex",
"value": "Physics",
"expireAt": 0
"_key": "Monika",
"value": "Chemistry",
"expireAt": 0

client.insert_key_value_pair(collection_name, data)
print("Key-value pairs inserted")