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View Collections

This section describes the features available in the GDN console and how to work with your collections.

Once you log in to a Macrometa account, you can view all collections that you have access to.

  1. Log in to your Macrometa account.
  2. Click Data > Collections.

Macrometa displays a list of collections. The following columns show information about each collection.

Field NameDescription
Collection NameThe list of all collections you have access to, sorted alphabetically.
Data ModelDisplays the type of each collection.
Stream EnabledShows whether a collection stream is enabled (Yes) or not enabled (No). You can change this in the collection Data tab.
DistributionWhen a collection is created, it can be locally or globally distributed across Macrometa servers. This section displays the distribution type for your collections - Local or Global.
Filter CollectionsIf you have many collections, then it can be helpful to filter your collection list so that you have fewer to sort through.

Filter Collections

You can filter collections by name or by type.

  • Filter Collections by Name : To filter collections by name, start typing in the search field that says Filter collections. Macrometa begins to filter the list as soon as you start typing.

  • Filter Collections by Type : To filter collections by type, click one of the collection types next to All. Macrometa displays only collections matching the selected type.

New Collection

When viewing your collections, you can click New Collection to create a new collection. For full instructions, refer to the following topics: