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The Octopus And Macrometa

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In 2010, as I sat watching the FIFA World Cup with friends and family, an octopus named Paul was the topic of discussion. Paul had gained worldwide attention as an animal oracle due to its amazingly accurate predictions of the results of multiple soccer matches. I was captivated too.

The intersection with Macrometa started to happen when I thought about distributed systems, especially a distributed database. There are all these parallels between a good distributed system design, and the biology of an octopus: a good distributed system has a shared nothing architecture. It is highly reliable due to built-in redundancies hence no single point of failure, similar to the physiology of an octopus, which has multiple hearts and multiple brains.

Macrometa’s decentralized architecture has no single point of failure.

What's even more fascinating is that the octopus’ brain is distributed across its entire body, giving it the ability to articulate each arm independently. So, you can imagine if an octopus was a musician, it would simultaneously be able to play diametrically opposite instruments with its arms, as each one has its own brain, or dedicated processing units. This boggled my mind.

All of that processing capacity gives the octopus even more superpowers, such as camouflage. Octopus camouflage is not only limited to color blending, it can also replicate the texture of its surroundings in the most beautiful and creative ways, while also using these changes to communicate. The engineering of these uniquely intelligent cephalopods is vastly different from anything else on earth.

Just like the octopus, Macrometa’s converged multi model data platform is unique and powerful, and it delivers users superhero-like ability to develop amazing things in a fraction of the time it would take going the traditional routes. 

Our architecture is so fundamentally different from anything else that has ever been built to handle data in the cloud.

Just like the world deserved a better way to choose world cup winners, the world deserves a better way to build for the cloud. Start building your impossible application and let Macrometa be the brains in its appendages.

Photo by Stephanie Harlacher on Unsplash

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