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Mobile JS Offload

Load tags without slowing down your website. Control third-party tool access to personal data.

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Eliminate Tag Bloat

Keep bulky scripts off your pages and at the edge for blazing speed.

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Deploy a (practically) unlimited number of tags - without impacting user experience or site performance. Edge Side Tagging (EST) shifts marketing, analytics, and monitoring tags away from page code to the network edge.

There, tags load in parallel, eliminating sequential round trips that limit bandwidth and cause delays. This eliminates tag blocking and bloat so pages load and become interactive faster.

Enterprises maintain full control over what data gets sent to which third parties and can still track the valuable information they need to drive business.

Streamline Mobile Tagging for Lightning-Fast Experiences

Enable fast page loads that improve Core Web Vitals across all devices - desktop and mobile - without tag performance penalties. Our edge side execution shifts bulky vendor code off of browsers to prevent bloated payloads slowing experiences. Tagging is not affected by the battery and CPU throttling of mobile devices. Get the valuable data from tags to move your business forward without the site speed drag.

28% average page load time decrease.


79% fewer round trips for tags.


62% reduction in page weight.


Protect Privacy with Data Anonymization

User data undergoes anonymization at the edge, safeguarding sensitive information before sharing it with third-party tools while preserving the ability to analyze the data effectively.

Data Residency: Comply With Regulations

Retain control over third-party data sharing by complying with regulations like GDPR and selecting data residency regions. Through edge-based anonymization and tag management, vulnerabilities such as malicious scripts or cross-site exposures are minimized, ensuring visitor privacy. Enterprises can also bypass ad blockers at the edge to maintain accurate analytics while upholding privacy standards.


Smoother Experiences

Tags load in the background so users see no loading gaps, layout shifts or jittery behavior.


Mobile Optimization

Critical on slower networks, tags no longer compete for bandwidth with page content.


In-Region Processing for Compliance

Meet data sovereignty needs by processing within regulation jurisdiction


Unlimited Tags

Add tags freely without worrying about performance budgets


Quick, Hassle-Free Deployment

No development or code changes required

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