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Macrometa for Enterprise

Meet the Global Data Network, a hyper distributed cloud that powers real-world use cases with high performance and real-time insights.

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Take advantage of time, location, and proximity sensitive data with
50-100x better performance at half the cost of traditional systems.

Unlock new revenue streams

Leverage customizable insights generated by localized search, data processing, and analytics.

Macrometa offers ready to go industry solutions and customized options with dynamic data lookup and serving - without the geographic restrictions, cost, and latency of scaling a database.

Explore industry solutions

Dynamic data integration and synchronization across 10s to 1000s of sources in real-time

Provide a unified data view through real-time dashboards for monitoring and analysis

Drive significantly better performance by caching and serving data close to your customers

Real-time Engagement

Drive business outcomes with real-time personalization.

With 175+ points of presence around the globe, your customers are less than 50 milliseconds away from the ultimate digital experience.

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Compliance Simplified

Stay ahead of emerging regulatory requirements and privacy laws with geographic isolation and access controls.

Bind data to specific regions and leverage any combination of countries and clouds to store, process, and query data.

PoP location map


Automatically mask PII and other sensitive data to prevent unwanted exposure.


Private Encryption Keys

Manage your own encryption keys for an additional layer of privacy assurance.


Virtual Private Cloud

Bring the Global Data Network to your own cloud.


Private Data Centers

Seamless deployment and data flow to your own private data centers.


Get to market faster, with better performance and lower costs

Macrometa is a hyper distributed cloud that removes the limitations of centralized cloud platforms, empowering businesses to leverage the capabilities of numerous data centers for exceptional performance with minimal latency. Macrometa enables enterprises to overcome previously "impossible" problems and effectively capitalize on real-time outcomes derived from enterprise applications, APIs, and web services.


3-5x Faster Time to Market


5x Cost Reduction


50x Performance

Enterprise Features

Unleashing Real-time Insights for Personalized Experiences

Improve offers, ads, and customer experiences with real-time data enrichment

Analyze operational data to truly understand your customers' actions

Detect fraud at edge speed to quickly thwart or prevent bad actors

Comply with local regulations and data privacy requirements

Real-time data integration across multiple sources and geographies

Real time inventory loop and reconciliation

Automatic refill of inventory based on thresholds

APIs on operational data

Monetize applications and APIs

Fast-track your API strategy

Easily integrate data across existing investments, partners, and vendors

Bring new APIs and functionality to market - ahead of your competition

5G speed for high-activity at scale

Store, process and serve storage data closer to customers at the edge of 5G network

Auntenticate access to applications or devices on the 5G network

Leverage location-based 5G services for enhanced spatial analysis

Take advantage of low latency gaming and other B2C applications

Low latency, data-driven digital experiences

Real-time ML based prediction, recommendation, matching, and correlation analytics

Ad-serving for OTT Video Services, eCommerce, and Media & Entertainment

Accelerate eCommerce website performance

Speed up SAAS Apps

24/7/365 Dedicated Support

Keep your mission-critical and other key enterprise applications up and running

Provide seamless customer experiences by minimizing disruptions

Apply real-time insights around the clock and adjust content or offers as needed

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