For companies requiring dedicated deployments across clouds and on prem, prioritized 24/7/365 phone, email, or chat support, and guaranteed uptime.
Macrometa Enterprise

24/7/365 support

We hope you never run into issues with Macrometa, but incase you do, our 24/7/365 email and emergency phone support hotline is here to help.

Multi-Cloud and On-Prem Deployments

Don't be tied to a single Edge, Cloud, or Data Center. Deploy Macrometa anywhere and everywhere. Freeing up your data and strengthening availability.

Enterprise SLA

In the rare event of downtime, Enterprise customers receive a credit against their monthly fees.

User Access Log Firehose

Take charge of your data and run your own analytics using raw log data.

Dedicated Fabrics

We deploy private infrastructure for each enterprise customer.

Managed Services

We can work with you to design and manage your system. Never worry about upgrades and maintenance again. It will just work.

Global Data Fabric for Global Business

Macrometa replicates and synchronizes data with strong consistency guarantees to up to 175 global locations.  Creating a data-intensive application that shares and synchronizes data globally with ease.

Simplify your developers lives

Building globally distributed apps on a traditional means having to deploy, standup and manage over a dozen tools like K8s, Kafka, Spark, CockroachDB etc. With Macrometa everything you need to build real time event driven apps is seamlessly integrated into a simple yet powerful developer experience.

Don't be beholden to the cloud

Traditional clouds tie you into their ecosystem and locations,  making compliance expensive and error-prone. Macrometa allows you bind unique types of data to specific regions and enables you to leverage any combination of countries and clouds to store, process, and query data.

Consolidate 5 Types of Database Systems, Licenses, and Operations

Most database systems are organized around a single data model that determines how data can be organized, stored, and manipulated.

In contrast, Macrometa is designed to support multiple data models against a single, integrated backend. We provide document, graph, semi-relational, and key-value interfaces to a single unified data model.

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