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Computing On The Edge With Macrometa

Explore the highlights of edge computing with Chetan Venkatesh, CEO and Co-founder of Macrometa from his conversation with Corey Quinn, Chief Cloud Economist at the Duckbill Group. Uncover what the edge is, how it differs from the cloud, and learn about the Macrometa Global Data Network’s three layers - Global Data Mesh, Edge Compute, and Data Protection - and our commitment to helping developers’ lower their carbon footprints.

Has Macrometa Cracked the Code for Delivering Data Value?

Learn how the Macrometa Global Data Network architecture and the data mesh, edge compute, and data protection features deliver real-time data value. This blog is based on the recent Alex Woodie Datanami article where he interviewed Macrometa CEO, Chetan Venkatesh.

Calling all Developers To The Edge - Announcing Developer Week

Join Macrometa and friends for Developer Week Nov 7- 11 (online and async event) to build on the cutting edge. Learn about the Macrometa platform including new features, see cool demos, and view what's next on the roadmap. Find out more details on the agenda and sign up today!

Say Yes to the Data Mesh: Explore Multi-Model Data Collections and Stores At The Edge

With the Macrometa Global Data Mesh, you can use the data model that makes the most sense for your application. Learn how different types of data can be stored, accessed, and processed where it originates and/or where it is needed.

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