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Announcing Macrometa Latest Release - Global Data Network 17.11

We announce the General Availability of Stream Workers, Search, Public Preview Akamai EdgeWorkers Integration, and Beta Availability of SQL Support, Apache Kafka Wire and Redis Compatibility

Macrometa’s New UI and Design Process - Unravelling an Aesthetic Pleasure

Macrometa Head of Design - Dustin Larimer, shares a peek into his team’s effort to craft a new visual aesthetic, brand system, and design system.

Announcing Stream Workers: Complex Event Processing and Streaming Analytics at the Edge

We’re excited to announce the general availability of Macrometa Stream Workers, Macrometa’s complex event processing (CEP) and streaming analytics engine. 

Calling all Developers To The Edge - Announcing Developer Week

Join Macrometa and friends for Developer Week Nov 7- 11 (online and async event) to build on the cutting edge. Learn about the Macrometa platform including new features, see cool demos, and view what's next on the roadmap. Find out more details on the agenda and sign up today!

Macrometa is now SOC 2 Type 2 Certified

Macrometa has successfully completed System and Organization Controls (SOC 2) Type 2 Certification to meet the highest industry standards of data security.

What is Stateful Serverless?

A conversation with Redmonk Analyst Kelly Fitzpatrick

How to build applications the edge native way

To fulfill the promise of 5G, learn how developers and mobile network operators can use an edge computing platform.

Macrometa exits stealth with a planet scaling Serverless EDGE cloud - The GDN

We are told that low latency and imagination are the only prerequisites for building tomorrow’s edge applications. Tragically, this is an incomplete and false hope. In order for robust, world-changing, enterprise applications to emerge, Macrometa believes we must first solve the very hard problem of bringing stateful data to the edge. Without stateful data, the edge will be doomed to forever

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