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Computing On The Edge With Macrometa

Explore the highlights of edge computing with Chetan Venkatesh, CEO and Co-founder of Macrometa from his conversation with Corey Quinn, Chief Cloud Economist at the Duckbill Group. Uncover what the edge is, how it differs from the cloud, and learn about the Macrometa Global Data Network’s three layers - Global Data Mesh, Edge Compute, and Data Protection - and our commitment to helping developers’ lower their carbon footprints.

How to scale to “trillion events per minute” - with ease and without downtime

Learn about Project Parsec, Macrometa’s geo-aware and latency-aware router that helps you do more with data.
Customer Stories

The Rise of the Wireless Cloud: How DISH Wireless and Macrometa’s collaboration will make the 5G wireless network and edge powerful

How DISH Wireless and Macrometa’s collaboration will make the 5G wireless network and edge more powerful and easier to program than today’s public cloud.

What Macrometa customers are building on the GDN

Apps and companies that take advantage of real-time data processing, global distribution, and low latency analytics at the edge.

How DevCycle built the world's fastest Feature-Flag-as-a-Service on Macrometa

Learn how DevCycle is working with Macrometa to build Edge flags - an ultra low-latency global feature flags solution to deploy software faster and reduce release complexity.

Expanding the Edge with Macrometa and Akamai

The CDN meets the GDN! Macrometa CEO - Chetan Venkatesh, talks about how Macrometa and Akamai are together enabling a new era of digital transformation for enterprises. It's a supercloud powered by an edge cloud super platform.

Announcing Macrometa Latest Release - Global Data Network 17.11

We announce the General Availability of Stream Workers, Search, Public Preview Akamai EdgeWorkers Integration, and Beta Availability of SQL Support, Apache Kafka Wire and Redis Compatibility

The Macrometa platform now supports the SQL language

By popular demand, SQL support is here! Relational, non-relational, it’s all the same to us. Read all about it and watch a demo on how it works.

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