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What is Stateful Serverless?

A conversation with Redmonk Analyst Kelly Fitzpatrick

The Great Shift - Edge Computing & Faster Data Processing

The cloud is entering a new phase where its architecture is now a barrier to solving emerging data problems. Faster data processing requires more than yesterday's centralized cloud, it needs a shift to the edge.

Fastly partners with Macrometa for [email protected] Partner Ecosystem

Build on Fastly [email protected] and stream in real-time on Macrometa‚Äôs Global Data Network (GDN)

The top 5 use cases for 5G

5G offers reduced latency, high reliability, and large bandwidth, but which use cases make the most sense? Macrometa CTO & Co-Founder Durga Gokina discusses how 5G is changing the way we see and experience data.

How to build applications the edge native way

To fulfill the promise of 5G, learn how developers and mobile network operators can use an edge computing platform.

Cloud native is not edge native

Learn more about why cloud native's centralized architecture just can’t meet the challenges of the edge. For edge use cases, we need to start thinking edge natively.

Alan Evans on Why He Joined Macrometa

Alan, Principle Technologist at Macrometa, talks about why he joined and the future of Edge Cloud

Macrometa partners with Cloudflare to extend the Edge

Macrometa and Cloudflare enable building apps that typically require massive investments with high technical risk and complexity to be built intuitively and quickly.

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